Thursday, April 21, 2011

wait, is she really doing a giveaway?

yes. yes i am.
mads in france is doing a giveaway.
just for kicks.

here's the deal
i took a lot of pictures. and when i say a lot, i mean a lot.
so i want YOU to guess just how many pictures you think i took.

whoever gets closest will recieve some kinder (my favorite thing) of their own. shipped to you personally, from me.

i love kinder.
 how 'bout you?
 i love kinder,
you should too!

i'll even throw in a little extra surprise gift too. so get guessing. comment it, facebook me, send me your guess in a text, in an email... just remember, i took a LOT of pictures! you have until midnight of tuesday next week. guess away!

p.s. if you already know, please, don't ruin it for the rest us. 

p.p.s. this is so silly, but i figured, why not. i'll give it a try.

p.p.p.s. a hint: if you go back to say about... march 12th, it might help you out

thanks for guessing!


  1. Here it goes Mads...
    Johnathan: 6,007
    Allie: 8,050
    Grace: 100,050
    Camille: 6,812
    Richard: 10,038

    Can't wait to hear if we won!!! We love Kinder! And we love you!

  2. 15,600. a calculated guess. just for fun.

  3. maddie i love your blog. so cute! 10,050?

  4. how about 8000? i loved reading your blog! france looked like a blast. ~kjerstie o.

  5. ok...i LOVE kinder bueno :) so my guess is... 60,000.

  6. Ok, the kids and I want to take a guess.
    Sam 9,368
    Ben 8,529
    Mary 9,000
    Susan 10,214
    We love you!!!