Thursday, April 7, 2011

the moment you have all been waiting for

yes, after three months of living in paris, in our LAST week here in the city, we finally made it to the top of the eiffel tower. took us long enough, right? we have tried to do it a couple of times but we kept putting it off, and i am glad we did. it was perfect for our last shebang here in the city. though the 72 degree weather was killer for the climb, yes we took the stairs, it made for a beautiful springtime, blue skies kind of view. i loved it. it is a great symbol of the city, and i am glad i had the chance to finally go all the way up.

you can take the stairs to the second floor, but you have to take the elevator if you want to go allll the way to the top. which today, we did.
cute colors.
 modern design.
 rip roaring and ready for the stairs
 we took lots of picture breaks so we didn't get too winded.
 it is a little mind blowing how this tower has held up so well. 
 absolutely gorgeous springtime view
 other side, still gorgeous
we live out past those buildings in the back (la defense)
 artsy fartsy
 everyone at the top.
shoes in all directions.
tower love
 breaking the rules
oh you know, just hanging at the eiffel tower
gwen and the map kid strike again
 the forbidden picture.
 self timer? i think so.
 doodle inspired
 remember how we were just at the top of that thing?
it was a grand adventure, drew got to live his dream of eating something on the eiffel tower (hot dog and fries), i got to live my dream of taking the stairs, and everybody else lived some dreams too probably. thank you mr. eiffel.

pastry du jour: millefeuille
description: indescribable
tast rating: heavenly. 
also, this morning i bought this beautiful mango at the ves market, and i ate it for lunch.
it was so delectable. so so so juicy and full of flavor. 
and i just like this silly picture
oh yeah, p.s. someone threw a paper airplane off the tower today.
it was in the air for SO long and it went SO far.


  1. millefeuille!!!! my very very fav! HEAVENLY is right!! i am so sad that your paris adventures are coming to an end... but now that you've lived there - it will always be home.
    i have a habit (my husband thinks it's a bad one) that i collect all things eiffle tower... i just love the shape, everything about it. i look for good eiffle tower trinkets every where, eiffle toweres on clothing, cards, cookie cutters, jewlery, artwork, garden topiaries.... anything eiffle tower. i'm sure you'll join in this good habit.
    we should have a crepe party when you get home... you're mom, jenn,julie t, kara - whomever... and any one else you want to be there. i'll host, and we can eat crepes, watch a movie with paris in it - like sabrina or something and eat crepes with all the good toppings... are you coming home to los altos by the way??
    ps - we should also go out to lunch at this fabulous totally authentic frenchy cafe at stanford shopping center called cocola...and if my mother thinks it's authentic - you'll love it.

  2. I can't believe your Parisian adventure is coming to an end! Time has just flown by. I love your Eiffel tower adventure and that you waited until the end of your trip to do it. Do one more jig for me before you leave. Love you!