Friday, April 8, 2011


i am in germany right now. random? a little bit. why ? because i am on a temple trip with the ward. it has been an awesome day. right now i am sitting outside stealing some random german's wireless internet, hence my time is limited.

so a quick update:

yes, we drove on the autobahn today. i think we hit about 165 km/h. awesome.

yes, we got a ticket driving to the temple. not on the autobahn... somewhere in france.

yes, i got my daily pastry. something called a puddingplunder. i'll let you wonder what that is til tomorrow.

yes, the temple was great. it was a totally new experience in a foreign country, but the spirit was the same.

we're staying here til tomorrow in temple lodging complete with yellow bunk beds reminiscent of time spent in sweden circa 1998. mud on the carpet? anyone? i can't get over that i am in GERMANY.

my fifth country in three months.
until tomorrow!

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