Sunday, April 17, 2011

new years resolution

don't worry, i'm not quite done posting yet! before i left for france i celebrated the new year with my dear fam, and naturally i made some 
new years resolutions
one of these resolutions was this: look cute every day of paris. this would mean that i would have to make a concerted effort to look cute every single day, a total of 83 days. and so, in order to document this little resolution, i took a picture of myself everyday, self timer style, and captured my daily outfit. for the most part there are no repeats, which took some serious creativity. i thought i would compile them all just for fun, some days were definitely better than others, and some were definitely crazier than others. did i fulfill my resolution? i guess you can be the judge of that!


  1. You absolutely did fulfill your resolution! You did look cute every single one of those 83 days you were there! Amazing!