Wednesday, April 6, 2011


at the beginning of the trip, over two months ago, i wrote a little post about observations. things that stood out to me, things ranging from fashion to food to random habits. a little list of things i had noticed. fast forward two months and three days to today, april sixth. this morning as i walked to school instead of thinking about things that were different and new, i thought about all the things i have grown accustomed to. i have become acclimated to this french way of life. and i like it.

so now, two months and three days later i give you a list of observations of a different kind. observations of acclimation.

1. eating late. for the first few weeks when my stomach started rumbling around 5:30 (17,00) i wondered if i would ever get used to the odd eating habits. these days i hear the familiar 'a TAB-luh' at 20,00 and can't believe it is already dinner time.

2. two bags. if you have read my bag lady post, you know. i thought it was strange that french women always carried multiple bags. but then i figured out that it is actually really convenient.

3. being ready for school an hour early. when you have to take the unreliable train, and you have 30-40 minute commute, you have to be ready for school much earlier. at first it was hard, and now it is just life. (although lately emily and i have gotten quite good at pushing the limits, like taking the 48 instead of the 38)

4. euro and 2 euro coins. at first i thought these bad boys were just extra weight in my wallet. now i realize their beauty. it is so nice to just grab a two euro and head to your nearest patisserie and know you can get just about anything. i have become a fan. i'll take a coin over a bill any day, and i always try and have some on hand.

5. room temperature water. i don't know what it is, but the french like it tepid. and you know, i might even LIKE drinking room temperature water these days. weird.

6. carrying two cameras everywhere. what does this have to do with french culture? well, thanks to the culture there are some situations where only a little point and shoot style camera is appropriate, so you have to have the little camera and the big camera on hand at most times.

7. waiting. french people are surprisingly patient when it comes to waiting for trains, slow trains, late trains, etc. when a train is late you rarely see people checking the boards again and again to see if anything has changed. they know it is probably going to be late, they accept it. i've learned this patience. trains are late, there is nothing you can do.

8. crossing crosswalks whenever you want. i used to be a timid cross walk crosser. then it became clear that jay walking is totally appropriate and the little green walk man verses the red one really doesn't mean anything. i've learned to cross the street when i want and where i want.

9. planning a day around les toilettes. you have to pay to use the suspicious public restrooms in this city. i'll have you know i have made it these three months without paying once. i have avoided that on all cost, and i think we have all grown used to planning the day to some extent in order to avoid use of a public toilette. even if it means we drink less room temp water...

10. less is more. a baguette can be a meal on its own. the same black jacket every day is totally appropriate. ghetto cell phones (no cameras, touch screens, or keyboards) are the way to go. the knock off cheap nutella is just as good as the real deal. i've grown accustomed to living with less, and i like it.

i like this place i live. i like that i know it well enough i feel comfortable. i know paris. we've become good friends. leaving will be hard, but it has been such a great experience. now, i wonder how long it will take to get un-acclimated!

we had our last falafel today from our favorite falafel stand, the one ACROSS from 'the best falafel in the world', cause those guys are liars. it was tasty.

pastry du jour: roule chocolat
description: think french cinnamon roll
taste rating: way above expectations. really, because the french do do food better.
pastry twinners

treats for all from the leggy choc, our favorite bakery.
tonight, after a super quick shopping trip and an final exam for art, the stacking doll measuring cups got a little use.
theo missed our last cookie experience and was disappointed, so we decided to make some tonight.
 sadly we were missing butter, and chocolate chips.
don't worry. we made do.
 theo turned out to be quite the baker.
he can even do the one handed egg crack.
 the cookies were definitely experimental,
and they turned out pretty alright.
nothing like last time, but tasty just the same.
aww, meilleurs amis. 

france is just too much fun.

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