Saturday, April 9, 2011


well, here i am back in paris. i only have one more day in this city of mine, it is a little surreal. an overnight trip to a different country is a little exhausting so i am just going to post some pictures of the weekend. it was such a blast and i became much closer with some of the ward members, so we had a grand time.  above is us stealing internet last night. awesome.

mustached man on the metro at 6 in the morning.

 our run ins with the policiers
 first view!
exploring the town,
found this cute bakery,
had a hilarious time trying to speak german, english and french
 our little room
 i love to see the temple
today we got to explore the town a little more,
we found a flea market and had ourselves a little 1 euro day.
 i just thought this was funny.
 james and i got some of the best kebabs yet.
they had a dill white sauce. too good.
 temple fresh ladies.
 oh you know, just a nice polygamist shot.
 young adults of the ward.
 my new CTR ring-
CLB, choisis le bien!
 check that 202 km/h. i think we got up to 208 today.
that's 130 mph. and totally legal. life goal checked off?
i think so.
 pastry du HIER: puddingplunker
description: exactly how it sounds
taste rating: heavy but delish
pastry du jour: quarkballchen
description: doughnut-hole-like, but way more dense
taste rating: perfect breakfast treat. yum!
darling house of the temple presidents
all the flowers and trees were in bloom
 love some german timber frame architecture
the share a twin top bunk kind of bffs.
i just like color.
so here's some from germany
it has been an amazing two days

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