Monday, April 4, 2011


now what do you think that stands for? 
i'll give you a hint. 
it all started last night....
and then this morning...
this happened.
 did you get it yet?
little. orphan. annie.
yes. i had l.o.a. hair today.

we started the day off right by following a recommendation from my dear kelly lynn hill.
she said the nutella beignets were a must here!
worst news of my life: out of nutella beignets
 i decided to sample a plain one instead
pastry du jour #1: beignet nature
taste rating: i missed nutella, but it was tasty
 luckily i went for
pastry du jour #2: le trois chocolat
description: white, milk, and dark chocolate stacked mousse-y mousses.
taste rating: absolutely fluffy and divine
 thanks for the rec. kell bell!
 we ate our picnic lunches and treats
in the springtime sun
in the jardin du luxembourg
 really random metre measurement 
was found on a really random wall.
 today for art we finally hit the pompidou
it was fun to go inside the building we walk past
 every day
 oh you know,
just gathered around some 'modern art',
for class.
p.s. yes that is a urinal.
 the art was (for the most part) neat,
but the best part was the view from the top
bernie quizzed us on our paris landmark knowledge.
we know our city.
 we decided to hit one last creperie before we leave this place,
awe opted to sit outside next to a serious game of street soccer.
 crepe with goat cheese and cooked apples. yum.
 we also did some extremely successful bartering at the eiffel tower tonight.
message for my dad and the dad of miss j-me: 
you have a very cool frenchy french gift headed your way.
l.o.a. day? a success.
and a woman in the bakery even told me she liked my hair.
sometimes it pays to be crazy.
(actually, all the time)

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