Tuesday, April 12, 2011

beach hair.

a piece on nice.

The colors of Italy, the feeling of Rome,
But a familiar language feels more like home.
Running along the beach in the morning hours,
A dive into the sea can count as a shower.
Two French classes and a nap in the sun,
Two Finals to take, I can’t wait to be done.
A bike or a bus ride, they’ll both get me there,
But why take a bus when a bike you can share?
Ninety-six flavors of ice cream can be tough,
Because only getting one just isn’t enough.
Exploring the city, finding our way around town,
Taking pictures of all kinds of laundry hanging down.
Finally turning in a ten page paper feels great,
‘Til you realize you turned it in five minutes late!
My last week here in nice is so far so grand,
Living minutes from the beach, though it doesn’t have sand.
An adventure each day, well one, or two, or four,
I can’t wait for tomorrow, there's sure to be more!

sea and sun
so happy to be in nice!

yes we got matchy matchy bracelets
so many flavors.
forget pastry of the day, we better do fenocchio!
jamie's going for the 15 scoop.
cactus flavor? yes please.
ice cream friends.
tasty tasty
precious moments
cute little street
try to imagine the sound that goes with this picture
olives! this is for you dad!
in a big old house all covered in vines
friends forever!
professor got a nicoise salade. yum.
our 2011 graduates!
last week of school
 living large in nice.
pastry du jour: linzer
description: pice crust cookie dough substance with lots of jam
taste rating: pour yourself a nice glass of box milk, cause this thing is goood!
 yesterday's pastry: bebe rose
description: marshmallow fluff coated in hot pink sugar
taste rating: is it possible to be too sweet?

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