Saturday, April 2, 2011

above average

the time i have had here has been above average. why you ask? because we do above average things. everyday. some people visit castles. we take them by storm. some people rent bikes at chambord. we ask if we can attach three of the bike-carts together to make one grand bike train. it has never been done before, but the two men working the stand don't see why not and cut us a deal. we bike on the road and end up getting pulled over by the police, awesome, and having to work some crazy maneuvers to get back on a non-interdit trail. we don't do anything half way. and that is only the beginning of why everyday is above average. 

morning sun

 castle view
 double helix da vinci stairs
 crazy at the castle
 too much fun for some?

 high adventures
 a bike train like no other
 church in old orleans
pastry du jour: herisson
description: a merengue chunk with chocolate spines in the shape of a porcupine, symbol of Louis XII. be jealous.
taste rating: unexpected and rich

 a few more castle pictures
throne anyone?

 in car drive by countryside shots
ps. gotta love conference weekend! 

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