Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a new adventure.

its funny how leaving the country makes your life a whole lot more interesting.

but just because i am no longer living abroad in a sort of dream land that almost seems like it didn't really exist doesn't mean i can't still have adventures everyday. (excuse that run-on sentence!)

and so i've decided to continue capturing those adventures in a new place,

tune in if you'd like, i have yet to discover where it will take me.

as for mads in france, i'll keep posting here. memories, pictures, stories, highlights. i'm not ready to forget about france yet. so check in here, check in there. dream land, real life. always adventures.

a soap story
click on that big if you can. you probably can't tell, but that blue soap there in the middle has a very special name. no it's not cotton candy or blue raspberry scented (although they did have a cotton candy, or barb a papa, scent) this one is a little bit, well, sultry-er. this soap is apparently "viens a moi" scented, which in english means "come to me". i thought that was hilarious, but sadly, i actually didn't find the smell all that impressive. but hey, to each his own. if anyone needs some apparently alluring soap, head to nice. you'll find just the thing.

squeaky clean
 hats off!
 french friends.

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  1. It is a good thing you are continuing to post, because I continue to visit your site in hopes that you will have left me another morsel. thank you. They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit or was it 4 weeks? Either way, I weirdly check madsinfrance each afternoon.

    Madeline I find you habit forming. love you!