Tuesday, April 5, 2011

haikus for friendship.

we have a small group.  a group of ten students, one director, his lovely wife, and their two daughters. it is small, and it is eclectic, and i love it. i have come to love all the fabulous people that make this program so much fun to be a part of. almost everyday i think to myself about how each of us is so different and how all our little quirky personalities add so much to this experience. i don't know what my time here in france would be if one person were missing! we've become quite the little team, and i love it. but i have to send a little shout out to the girls i do everything with. these four have become so dear to me and i just have come to love each so much. i thought about writing a little description for each one so everyone would understand why it is i love 'em all, but i decided to go short and sweet instead. so here you have it. a little series.

haikus* for friendship. 
by madeline bodine
*a haiku is a short poem consisting of three lines that alternate with 5,7, and 5 syllables.

abby. abs. flabby. 

 artistic talent,
sassy sarcasm. this sister
i love like my own.
p.s. abby drew this for me today. its me riding a unicorn. love her!

allison. al. the map kid. 

best durn girl ever.
i will pull a sneak attack
on you anyday.

jamie. james. miss james. mama james. j-me.

older and wiser
my soul sister, she and i
laugh together oft.

emily. em. emster. amazing.

my dearest roommate:
 an adventure everyday
 with you, i live for.

pastry du jour: chocochaud
description: think pain au chocolat on steroids
taste rating: exceeded expectations. ten fold. i had to go back and buy one for emily. 

don't worry, i had some cheesecake from the jewish quarter too.
 j-me in action

 p.s. speaking of friends, a month from today one of my very best friends gets home from the mish.
it is truly crazy how fast time flies!

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  1. Mads, thoughtful yet "wild"
    the sparkle in my Paris
    dear friend I cherish

    Thanks mads. You really are so sweet. I'm lucky to be here with you. Sure love ya!