Monday, April 11, 2011

the nice train

i said goodbye to my life in paris this morning and somehow managed to get two huge suitcases, a backpack, a purse, and another bag lady bag, along with emily's two stuffed suitcases, backpack and purse to the train station. a lot of laughtrer from nannick and a semi-pricey 'taxi' might have been included in the adventure.

then we hopped on the 'nice train' and headed down south all the way to the other side of the country, and now i am in nice. yes, the nice train is not nice as in the opposite of mean, but as in the place in the south of france. (when we all recieved an email from professor hancock with 'nice train' as the subject line, we all thought it was nice as in not mean too. funny) i ate my pastry of the day on a very rocky beach and managed to finish my ten page paper on the train.

i have til saturday here in nice and then i really have to say goodbye. it hasn't hit me yet. it is hard to believe that i have moved out of my happy home in le ves. but i am excited for what is to come. well, it has to be short tonight, i am borrowing professor hancock's internet. but i have arrived safely in nice, with all my bags accounted for, and i should be able to get some pictures up tomorrow.

still can't believe i got my eiffel tower kiss yesterday.
a demain!

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  1. i have to admit...i'm really sad your adventure is over. but very happy for my peeps on sunshine lane to have you home. can't wait to get together and revel in how much we all love francy pants.