Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 this is theo
 theo is nannick's grandson
a typical french twenty something year old
and pretty much became our annoying but nonetheless lovable 
french little brother
 the kind that likes to tease us for our poor accents
bother us to no end when we are trying to get our homework done
and attempt to teach us french swear words that emily and i just ignored...
yet, like i said
annoying but lovable
 and sometimes when he would actually decide to help us with the dishes
or try his hand at making cookies
 we shared a lot of good laughs
 and we definitely would not have passed our french conversation class without him!
 so doofy faces and all
theo is just a lovable kid.

the reason theo comes to mind today is because when i told him that i was going home and getting my wisdom teeth, or mes dents de sagesse, out he gave me a full re-enaction of his experience in that realm. complete with some of the craziest shclack shlacking sound effects i have ever heard. it is funny how different the sounds french and american people make to describe things. i can't say i heard any schlack schacking, but i did think of good ole theo. miss that kid!

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