Thursday, April 14, 2011

sunshine drive

in less then 48 hours i will be on a plane headed back home. it's bittersweet. i truly have made a home here, and it will be strange to leave. but i don't need to talk about all that sad stuff quite yet, because i am still here, and it was a beautiful day. we woke up to cloudy skies and weather reports for rain. yuck. i had faith that the sun would come out, and you want to know why? because i take sunshine with me wherever i go. i attribute that to being raised on sunshine drive. and it is the truth. every trip we have been on this semester, normandy, loire valley, and now nice, we have had beautiful sunny days, even in the middle of winter. nice is always warmer than paris in the springtime, but this year it was paris that was getting the sunshine, at least until this week. coincidence? i think not. i love the sun. and i think my love for it beckons it. it wants to shine on someone who wants it. sun makes a good day a great day. and though a little rain never hurt anyone, its the sunshine that puts a smile on my face. so it shouldn't be too hard to return to sunshine drive after all, right?

and if i love sunshine most, then second comes color. although they might be tied. today was a day of color too.

pastry du jour: canoli
description: churro-esque with hazelnut filling
taste rating: a perfect little bite size morsel!
 wonderful flower market color.
 a purple fence
we got more ice cream today.
i tried rose flavor.
annie finished it for me.
french tomatoes
 more color.
i love sunshine.
i love color.
i love love.

my internet connection is a little lame and picture posting is limited, but today was a beautiful day and i took lots of pictures. we spent lots of time exploring the city, sitting in the sunshine on the beach, and we even had a big italian dinner to celebrate our last days here. great day. i'll post more pictures later.


  1. love the last shot of this post, sorry its coming to an end, glad it was such a great experience. see you on Sunshine drive tomorrow.

  2. I do too love, love, love this picture of you! I love the way you love! Thank you for blogging faithfully so that we could share your wonderful experiences. We'll be walking on Sunshine together soon! I love you!

  3. I'm so sad! I can't believe your Paris is over too. Provo is a good place and Sunshine drive might even be better, but there could never be another Paris:) I can't believe how much I miss it some days and today is one of those days. Enjoy your last few moments of France!