Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the skinny on things

today was a day dedicated to school. i spent this morning taking a french test and quiz, took my french final this afternoon, and also had to write an essay for my political science final. it was free for all and we basically had to write whatever essay we could conjure up, closed notes and book, on a fairly broad topic. before i even studied i sat down and decided to try to write a poem to see just how much i remembered. i quite like writing poems. so then i wrote a poem. and then i decided to turn in it. because that is how i like to live my life. tell me to write you an essay? you might just get a poem. i promise it will be a good poem,  at least. so i turned in my poem, i really did. but, now finals are done and it is time for summer 2011. it is going to be great.

let's hope i get a good grade on my final poem.

we took a little break from it all and got pizza and drinks which we ate on the beach and then stopped at a little patisserie for our daily pastry. the pizza was tasty. i had 4 fromage - it had goat cheese and roblochon. yum.

 pastry du jour: sable confiture
description: jam sammich.
taste rating: too much of a good thing?

and lets just say us girls went on a little adventure tonight after we put our finals in the done pile.
i'll let you just guess what it might have been...
more to come tomorrow when my day isn't so jam packed with 'studying' and poetry writing. a demain!

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  1. You amaze me! Love your poem for your final. How do you do it? Swimming in the Mediterrean anyone? Best under the moon? Tons of love, Mom