Friday, April 15, 2011

going home big.

today was a perfect last day. it has actually been really nice to have this transition time in nice, because it will be less difficult to leave our little hotel room than it would have been to leave paris. nonetheless, today was literally perfect. we decided to spend our last day at the beach, and we couldn't have asked for more gorgeous weather. we took a bus to the next cove over to hit up the less rocky, more pebble-y beach, and it was totally worth it. please see how gorgeous it was below.
 yes, i really did take that picture and we really did go to that beach. unreal. we also got to explore the little town of villefranche which had an old city similar to old nice. the colors were amazing and we got our last pastries-du-jour. more on that to come. i just loved being at the beach. even though there was a bit of cloud cover, and there was even some crazy sunny rain, it really was gorgeous.
last pastries!
 one last door!
 don't worry i romped around the town in the awesome romper that mindy sent me for an early easter present. i think my awkward color combination fit in quite nicely.
yellow, orange, red.
james and i finally got over our fears of cold water and went for a swim. emily didn't want to go in so we deemed her photographer. she took lots of quality and awkward swimming pictures, including some little mermaid posing on the rock, synchronized swimming, and jumping out of the water pictures. and this baywatch one too.
 everybody went their separate ways and james and i just hadn't had enough of the beach quite yet. we love the beach. so we stayed a little longer and then decided to randomly go to monaco since we were in the area...
 so we went to monaco. and we stayed for maybe half an hour. it was pretty hilarious. we went in our sweats and everything! we were there long enough to take in all the HUGE yachts and walk around a bit and then we had had our fill. it was a quality little detour, and now we can say we have been to yet another country. awes.
 we also decided to treat ourselves to dinner and i finally got a nicoise salad. its a nice specialty and they do it good. mm.
 now we are just back at the hotel packing and cleaning and avoiding discussing how it really is our last night all together. crazy. the internet connection is still a little lousy, so i will do a better wrap up post tomorrow after i am, dare i say it, home! but until then, a few more delights below!

pastry du jour: tartin
description: apple tarte, but tastier
taste rating: light and yummmy!
and for one final attempt to 
go home big...

four girls meet ten scoops
we decided we had to get the bucket style fennoccio ice cream for our last night in nice. i don't even like ice cream and i had to participate because it was just too good of an opportunity to go home big. we tried to convince the ice cream man to give us twenty scoops but he told us we were crazy and that was the reason americans are all obese. it was humorous. so we stuck with ten, which was absolutely enough. i picked chewing gum and citron vert, there was a kinder scoop, a chocorange, a creme brulee, some white chocolate coconut, some chocolate pear, and he even threw in an eleventh 'rose' scoop, because you always give roses to pretty girls. it was awesome. we downed it in about 15 minutes. and it was the perfect finale for our going home big adventure.
like i said, a perfect last day. 
and this is the last post actually in france.

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  1. I am tearing up. I can't believe this is the last post because I have loved every scoop, pastry, baguette, door and shoe shot, museum, countryside, castle, museum, metro, girlfriend adventure, beach, Nannick cameo's, bike ride, police interlude, picnic, fashion shoot, beret, daisy chain, and Eiffel Tower escapade. You have brought a bit of your Parisian adventures into my life here in Palo Alto. Thank you sweet Madeline. Love Mary