Thursday, April 28, 2011

facing the cold

it's almost impossible to remember how cold it really was those first few weeks. i am so grateful i went winter semester, because the weather got progressively warmer, not colder! we had one of the nicest springs paris had seen in years, but it was awfully cold when i first arrived!

memories of colder days
 thank heavens for hats and scarves!
 and black coats.
 so cold!
 classy cold protection
frosty run?
 our best protection from the cold:
hot chocolate and nutella toast
warm mittens
 and of course, that fire safety blanket.
that kept me warm those cold winter nights.
and was the epitome of design and class.
i'm so glad it got warm!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and the winner is....

thank you thank you to all who voted.
i received comments, emails, facebook messages and texts with a lot of great guesses.
some underestimated. some (way) overestimated. some estimated.
want to know the grand total?

i took
12,339 photos.
that means i took about
pictures a week and
pictures a day.
that is pretty awesome.
that means you haven't even seen HALF of them.

but let's get to the good stuff.

i took 12,339 photos
which means the winner of the kinder is...
(drumroll please)

Megan Tall
with her guess of 12,893!
that is four out of five numbers correct.
so congrats meg. 
a fabulous prize will be coming your way.

but that's not all.

i want to give out two more prizes.

 the best guess
goes to
Grace Hart
with her guess of 100,050.
thanks for having that much faith in me grace.

the price is right guess
(you know, you can't go over. think 'one dollar, bob.')
goes to
with her guess of 10,214.
guess it is safe to say my family knows me best!

your prizes will be sent off shortly!

and just for fun...

lowest guess goes to Johnathon - 6,007
three guesses in the 8000s - Allie, Ben and Kj
three guesses in the 9000s - Katie Mary B and Sam
two in the 13000s (almost winners!) - Kelly and Mary T
closest guesses - Richard 10,038 and Kim 10,050
playmill girls think big - nans 14,752 and chobs 15,600
40% guessed numbers ending in 0
which means 60% took their chance with randoms

and Megan won.
thanks again to all.

i'll keep posting pictures and occasional updates so you can get a better feel of all those twelve thousand.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

keep it coming!

joyeuses paques! happy easter!
thanks to all those who have sent in a guess,
and to those who haven't, you still have time!
keep the guesses coming!

a little easter decor in germany
 i brought home some german egg dye
can't wait to try it today!
 and don't forget, it's kinder on the line!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

wait, is she really doing a giveaway?

yes. yes i am.
mads in france is doing a giveaway.
just for kicks.

here's the deal
i took a lot of pictures. and when i say a lot, i mean a lot.
so i want YOU to guess just how many pictures you think i took.

whoever gets closest will recieve some kinder (my favorite thing) of their own. shipped to you personally, from me.

i love kinder.
 how 'bout you?
 i love kinder,
you should too!

i'll even throw in a little extra surprise gift too. so get guessing. comment it, facebook me, send me your guess in a text, in an email... just remember, i took a LOT of pictures! you have until midnight of tuesday next week. guess away!

p.s. if you already know, please, don't ruin it for the rest us. 

p.p.s. this is so silly, but i figured, why not. i'll give it a try.

p.p.p.s. a hint: if you go back to say about... march 12th, it might help you out

thanks for guessing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 this is theo
 theo is nannick's grandson
a typical french twenty something year old
and pretty much became our annoying but nonetheless lovable 
french little brother
 the kind that likes to tease us for our poor accents
bother us to no end when we are trying to get our homework done
and attempt to teach us french swear words that emily and i just ignored...
yet, like i said
annoying but lovable
 and sometimes when he would actually decide to help us with the dishes
or try his hand at making cookies
 we shared a lot of good laughs
 and we definitely would not have passed our french conversation class without him!
 so doofy faces and all
theo is just a lovable kid.

the reason theo comes to mind today is because when i told him that i was going home and getting my wisdom teeth, or mes dents de sagesse, out he gave me a full re-enaction of his experience in that realm. complete with some of the craziest shclack shlacking sound effects i have ever heard. it is funny how different the sounds french and american people make to describe things. i can't say i heard any schlack schacking, but i did think of good ole theo. miss that kid!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a new adventure.

its funny how leaving the country makes your life a whole lot more interesting.

but just because i am no longer living abroad in a sort of dream land that almost seems like it didn't really exist doesn't mean i can't still have adventures everyday. (excuse that run-on sentence!)

and so i've decided to continue capturing those adventures in a new place,

tune in if you'd like, i have yet to discover where it will take me.

as for mads in france, i'll keep posting here. memories, pictures, stories, highlights. i'm not ready to forget about france yet. so check in here, check in there. dream land, real life. always adventures.

a soap story
click on that big if you can. you probably can't tell, but that blue soap there in the middle has a very special name. no it's not cotton candy or blue raspberry scented (although they did have a cotton candy, or barb a papa, scent) this one is a little bit, well, sultry-er. this soap is apparently "viens a moi" scented, which in english means "come to me". i thought that was hilarious, but sadly, i actually didn't find the smell all that impressive. but hey, to each his own. if anyone needs some apparently alluring soap, head to nice. you'll find just the thing.

squeaky clean
 hats off!
 french friends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

a souvenir

in french the word 'souvenir' as a verb means to remember, and as a noun it means a memory.
now you know where we get that word from. makes sense, doesn't it?

i can't bring myself to not post just yet, silly i know, so today i just wanted to post a little souvenir.
a memory of colder and well, french-ier days.
ice skating at the hotel de ville. 
miss it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

new years resolution

don't worry, i'm not quite done posting yet! before i left for france i celebrated the new year with my dear fam, and naturally i made some 
new years resolutions
one of these resolutions was this: look cute every day of paris. this would mean that i would have to make a concerted effort to look cute every single day, a total of 83 days. and so, in order to document this little resolution, i took a picture of myself everyday, self timer style, and captured my daily outfit. for the most part there are no repeats, which took some serious creativity. i thought i would compile them all just for fun, some days were definitely better than others, and some were definitely crazier than others. did i fulfill my resolution? i guess you can be the judge of that!