Thursday, February 17, 2011

the wonderful world of color.

dear france,

i'm tired of all the black. i'm tired of wearing my coat. who cares if i stand out? i am a practical parisien now and so if i want to wear floral print genie pants or furry above the knee boots, its alright. right? today i'm leaving the drab behind. i'm opting for a little more color in my life. oh, and emily is joining my cause. so look out paris. two roommates wearing sunshiney colors and no black coats are on the loose!
ahh. life is better in color. also, france, i am not sure if you were aware but...
(jamie jumping aboard the tattoo love train)

and i am frequently being followed around with my own personal fan for the ultimate perma-wind-in-hair look and some seriously superstar flashing lights.
(okay not really, but the picture is pretty sweet)
and france? i would really appreciate if you'd keep the blue skies coming.
thats all

but really that is not all! because today was yet another quality adventure, so now, some colorful pictures of my wonderful coat-free kind of day.
it started off with school, where i got some other people to join me in my temporary tattoo awareness club.
we went on another field trip to the history of paris museum and i saw a few great things along the way - i must give france some color credit - those doors never cease to catch my eye!
we passed by this little park on our way and in typical french fashion that little couple on the bench back there was definitely practicing their 'french' kissing, if you know what i am saying.
ahh, the city of romance.
nothing like a little team huddle before heading into the museum.
(definitely my idea)
the museum had some neat things (because lets face it, the history of paris is neat) but mainly i just liked how every room was decorated. the design was sumptuous, colorful and very reminiscent of Louis XIV. i couldn't get enough of the wallpaper!
this room was probably my favorite. it was one hundred percent mural. well ninety percent mural, and whatever wasn't mural was mirror (hence the classy mirror shots) and so the room seemed to go on forever! i think i want to have a completely mural room in my home one day, maybe i'll be extra daring and paint it myself!
while the rest of the students continued throughout the museum, some of us, including our directors cute wife julie and daughters annie (below) and abby might have just sat on this bench and had some hilarious and probably too loud conversation.
the museum bookshop also had some extra special treats, like this little book. too bad valentines day was on monday, i could have made use of it, or something...
on our way back from the museum we walked through a little jewish quartier. Allison was in heaven because it reminded her of her good old days in jerusalem. she shared a delectable little cheesecake treat with us. it was the most multi-flavored and tasty little cheese cake square i ever dun tasted in my whole durned life!
james and i had to give in and get some falafel. we were trying to take a picture of it with the cute colorful stand, but this homeless man insisted that i have some on my fork while taking the picture, so this is what we ended up with.
walking with falafel in hand.
we happened upon another fabulous thrift store, and yes i made another fabulous purchase which will have to be unveiled at a later time.
there isn't anything quite like self timer pictures with matching colorful dresses in classy thrift store basements that are really just creepy rock and cement tunnels.
my cute basically sister in law bridget tipped me off that justin beiber was going to be in paris today. i DEFINITELY kept an eye out, but i guess the history of paris museum and the jewish quartier weren't calling his name. so this is as close as i got.
i must say there isn't anything quite like the metro performers here in paris. today it was some serious percussion. yesterday it was an old gypsy grandpa with an awful singing voice and a guitar. the day before that it was some classy accordion. and one of my favorites thus far was a lute rendition of that memory song from cats. it doesn't get any better.
when i arrived home a surprise was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. a candy filled and colorful valentines package from three of my dearest pals. SLY!
oh, and the moon was high in the sky and full as ever as i walked home from the station. is everyone ready to get wild tomorrow? because wildlife day is going international. HOWWOOOO!


  1. Madsy dear, do you ever wonder what is behind each of these colorful and interesting doors in your pictures? Maybe you should tell the address where you see could go back for another look someday.
    What is falafel? I do not know this food...please describe. Gramps

  2. I think this wonderful world of color beats Disney's! Gramps has a great idea about the addresses of those doors! I would love to see them with you.

  3. Was there even a hint of hick in my voice when I saw - and shared - that delicious cheesecake with you? Was there! haha