Friday, February 4, 2011


today something fabulous happened. something that i might go as far as to say has been the highlight of my first two weeks in paris. let me tell you about it. today we went on another walk, and ended up in front of the ritz. the very ritz that Princess Diana left just minutes before her fatal car accident. the very ritz that... okay, the Princess Di fact is the only one i know. but still. ritz in paris, neat. unlike your average tourist/passerby, we decided to let ourselves in. we just waltzed on through those ritzy doors and walked on down the hall and having nowhere else to go we walked right on into the bathroom. it was a classy place that bathroom.
after spending ample time in the bathroom taking first lady pictures* with all the pink marble, we decided we should probably walk back down the hall and out the doors. we walked, with purpose, out of the revolving door to find ourselves surrounded by the paparazzi, and we were really confused and a lot surprised. it was kind of an exciting feeling, to walk out of a big fancy shamnce hotel and have your picture taken by some french paparazzi (even if it was just a practice shot, or some premature, hopeful tourist). well, after we got over all the cameras we hurried down the stairs and realized someone big was about to leave the ritz. we jumped in right behind the paparzzz (we literally were right up there) and waited for whoever it was. whoever it was came out in typical celebrity style, flanked by large men and donning a large hat and sunglasses. we joined in the fun and snapped a few pictures and tried to catch who it was.
we couldn't get over it. we literally were dying about how we walked out of the ritz and the paparazzi was right there in front of us. if only we'd known! (we could have done something exciting, or something!) nonetheless, it was totally a celebrity moment.
though we thought it was a french celeb, we later discovered it was none other than kate moss. neat! here is the one shot i got in all the excitement. lets just say paparazzi is not in my future.
newly engaged kate moss leaves the ritz.
actual paparazzi shot:
other notable items of business:

emily and i went for a run today.
much needed.
sometimes i make emily participate in photoshoots in the garden with me.
also much needed
i got a valentines package in the mail from the grandparents today!
we ate eclairs for dessert after our picnic lunch
i just like this picture
and this one too
my birthday is a street here. nbd
close up.
wearing my earrings from mike!
we like to runway walk in classy french department stores.
just your average chocolate stiletto
can't get enough of these doors
or those louis Vuitton purses.
doesn't jamie look so first lady*?
and i FINALLY made it to the eiffel tower tonight.
it is perfect.
its french.
it sparkles!
i still can't believe i live in paris.

i am exhausted!
record number of steps today: 27,083! thats 12.79 miles! Practically a half marathon!

*jamie dreams of being the first lady. as in the wife of the president of the united states. so if you or anyone you know wants to be president, she is game. she has the first lady pose, wave, and demeanor down. and she also has the perfect face shape for first lady sunglasses. just so you know.
me trying to be a first lady in the ritz bathroom
obviously first lady is not in my future either.


  1. Dad and I ate at that very Ritz while in Paris! Very funny, Dad had to borrow a blue blazer from the coat closet because he was not wearing one and one is required when eating at the Ritz! The waiters laughed when we told them we did not drink. The meal was tres formidable!

  2. I'm laughing out loud cuz I totally saw that picture of Kata Moss today on the People website...HILARIOUS! I can't get enough of all the door shots you're taking as well. Love, love, love them! And btw...even though I didn't go to Paris while in college, my "study abroad" was going to BYU Hawaii and we used to take pics outside the Louis Vitton store all the time! One never gets tired of taking pictures in front in those stores! It's tres chic!