Saturday, February 5, 2011

fifth of february in photos.

i started the day off right by taking some pictures of myself.
in my room. typical

it doesn't get much classier then a tucked in shirt
(in honor of you mary)
and a pedometer. 19811 steps aujourd'hui
nothing like a little metro accordion music to brighten your day.
funny story: at one thirty while we were eating lunch i asked emily what time she thought it was, and she said... it feels like two thirty. i then looked at my watch and only saw the minute hand right on the thirty and thought you are right on! and then, oh my gosh were supposed to meet a&j at 3:30, we're going to be late. so we scurry hurried to the metro and got to our meeting spot with no familiar faces in sight. we called and they said "its 2:40, we're meeting at 3:30"... so instead of being ten minutes late, we were actually 50 minutes early. nice.
we got another walk in today and started it off with some really neat modern stained glass.
we found ourselves at the narrowest street in paris.
rue de Chat-qui-Peche. (the fishing cat?)
see those suspicious looking teens behind me?
another funny story: right after this picture was taken these kids came sneaking and creeping round the corner, saw the policeman walking their direction and booked it back down the alleyway. the policeman started yelling and sprinting straight after them with another policier right behind. it scared us half to death and made us very curious. hmmm what did they do?
next we found ourselves at the oldest cafe in paris
where all kinds of cool folk have dined:
ben franklin, voltaire, marat...
i love all the little open air cafes and all the french people drinking their coffee and tea
i quite liked these two little mugs. black and white.
exploring old parisien streets means neat doors for every builiding.
i really love how colorful, ecentric, and standout these doors are.
they are in total contrast to white after white after whitish yellow building.
i plan on having a door like this one day, centered doorknob and all
another funny story: one of the streets we walked on had some of the priciest art galleries in the city and there was this little park toward the end of the rue, in which an old man was studying, quite intently, the derriere of this statue of a woman in the nude. he then proceeded to pull out his camera and take a close up.
jamie and i were dying. we couldn't get over it, so she posed and i pretended to take a picture of her, but really just took one of him (oldest trick in the book!)
we found ourselves in front of this large and in charge building where the 40 'immortals' who make up the academie francaise study and revise the french dictionnaire every year.
they keep the language pure and perfect. gotta love french.
love those red zippers too.
a precious story: near the acadamie is a bridge that is covered with padlocks of all shapes and sizes. at first i was confused but jamie informed me that all these people had 'locked their love'. two lovers lock a little padlock around the chainlink of the bridge and drop the key into the depths of the seine, sealing their love forever and ever. how precious is that? i thoroughly plan on coming back here one day and participating. i liked this lock best. ania and marer forever.
and i really like this girl.
as we walked along the banks of the seine past all the bouquinistes (little old-book markets), i took my daily shoe picture in the bus lane. classy.
i heard some american accents behind me and decided it would be prime time for a group shot
we decided to go all out and take a little boat cruise on the river,
it was quaint, windy, and lots of fun to see everything from a new perspective
our little boat.
(my hair has had lots of volume lately.)
it was the perfect chance to test out my valentines day mittens from g&g hart
they are so warm and cute! (thank you!)
it wouldn't be a boat cruise without a little titanic reenactment
(which i still, to this day, have never seen)
after that we decided to hit the ward party!
it was a little chinese new year extravaganza
they fed us and we got to fold oragami (i showed off my fifth grade crane skills - yes i still remember) and it was a fun time.
after that we parted ways and headed home, tired, full and happy.
another funny story: emily and i cannot lock our door. or our gate. we really, honestly, in all seriousness struggle. even though we do it multiple times a day we cannot remember which way to turn the key. or how it even works. but i promise you, it is difficult. and this fact really aggravates nannick. she doesn't understand our inability to lock a door. but it isn't just a regular old key! you can check that out below. its a little wild.

now i am snuggling up under my fire-saftey neon red sleeping bag blanket, also pictured above, and i am going to bed. february fifth? good day.


  1. I would say it was an excellent day! How I love the locks on the fence. I believe you will return to do just that. Once again you have been to a place, La Procope where we ate when we were with the Hart fam to pick up Gr and Gr Hart from their mission! I am going to tell you about a door you must see...first I have to remember!

  2. I am both honored and embarrassed to be mentioned in the blog. You can make anything look darling, I think you look great with a tucked in shirt.