Monday, February 7, 2011

the metro nap

the eight/nine hour time difference between me and all the folks back home causes some serious problems. the main problem is that prime time to chat with my people is either way late when i should already be asleep, or way early when i should still be asleep. i find myself doing either or both of these things quite often (which then causes my mother to so kindly say "she looks EXHAUSTED" when thinking that she had hung up our skype call and really hadn't. thanks mom). so this leaves me a few options: first, skip talking to people and sleep (probably my least favorite option). second, fall asleep in class (difficult when you are walking around museums). third, take daily power naps (except the 9minute snooze feature on my sweet cell phone is just way too tempting, so power naps turn into powerfully long naps). and last, and definitely not least, the metro nap.
i have officially become an expert at the metro nap, because it is obviously the best option. heres how it works:
1. try and find a seat because metro napping is much easier sitting than standing, though possible in both situations
2. keep purse/backpack slung over one shoulder and in lap
3. cross hands protectively and place them on purse/backpack (to ensure that no one will take advantage of your semi-dreamlike state)
4. get comfortable, but not actually too comfortable, because you wouldn't want to venture in to anyone else's personal space.
5. feel free to put in some headphones and listen to a smooth jazz playlist, or something else relaxing, but this step is not necessary
6. close your eyes and let the subtle metro movement lull you into a semi-sleep. this is a little harder than it sounds, but with some practice (a.k.a. riding the metro every day at least twice for twenty minutes for two and a half weeks) you will find yourself able to reach this state of incomplete but almost just as good sleep.
7. the SEMI-sleep is key. you can't actually fall asleep because that would be a little dangerous and you might miss your stop (especially if they aren't announcing the stops over the speakers), but it is very possible to get into this almost asleep zone that i have now deemed: the metro nap

it really works. to the point that you will find yourself maybe even half dreaming a little. it makes a forty minute commute fly by, and it is a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep without taking extra time out of your day. be careful, it is surprisingly effective and can be a little addicting. though you are not completely asleep, the metro nap is officially my new pastime. (although i should still probably try and get a little more actually sleep). but until then, thank you metro nap for getting me through the day.

tasty apricot treat
due to the unpredictability of the RER emily and i got to class extra early.
that means time to get a little snack:
sunrise on the seine
notre dame friends
hello sunshine.
it was so glorious outside today!
comparison of the notre dame two weeks ago and the notre dame today.
fun times at the park.
jamie is intense
allison looking cute on the swings
love the way some people dress.
burgundy-purply door. mmm.
this is for you mom!
she has been telling me to go to the little island behind the notre dame forever, and i finally did. it was so cute! just a quaint little street with some fun candy stores, creperies, and apparently the best ice cream around (too bad i don't like ice cream!) thanks for the recommendation mom!
pretty window.
candy galore store.
futuristic transportation.
my to die for italienne gallette - it was heavenly
allison with her gallette- a crepe made with buckwheat (which actually contains NO wheat) so she can actually eat it! hooray!
dessert- l'alaska - dark chocolate and pears.
back at home
stocking feet on my bathroom floor
the view outside my window. could this day get any better?
the weather was gorgeous and emily and i went for a super long run and just soaked up the sun.
and now, a few extra special treats. enjoy.

a jack sighting. in paris. on the metro
(sadly, not my first)
(do you think she knew i was taking the picture? haha)

sometimes i am hit with a little bit of inspiration. like when i remembered my mom had a senior picture taken by a tree in a kind of pioneer-y blouse. i asked her to find it and scan it in and send it my way, which she did, so i could compare her shot with some of the ones i took yesterday. and guess what. we are twins. it is pretty crazy, check it out!

i guess we look more alike than i thought. i love it!
loving the seventies hair. great day


  1. Loving the 70's look Mads! I think I had that same dress I'm not even kidding! The pictures of you and your mom are classic and yes you two do look alike...beautiful!

  2. uncanny resemblance, funny how our genes work that way - gorgeous!

  3. Crazy pic of you and your mom! Love all the adventures! I can't even keep up!