Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a little bit of home

5 things that make paris feel a little bit more like home

1. i can look out my window and see the moon. the same moon everyone else at home is seeing, just a few hours earlier. tonight its almost full!
(classy shot leaning out of my window. moon peeking out)
2. the organized mess on top of my dresser is just as organized as always.
3. the cheese is french, the bread is french, the milk is french, but the apples are very much american. granny smith. gala. golden delicious. all are available at our little Leader Price. every bite is a little taste of home.
4. every time i hop in the shower this is what i see. it may not be familiar to you, but it is a very familiar sight for me. it cracks me up every. single. time.
lets get a little zoom feature.
(anyone else have this problem?)

5. this one takes a little extra explanation. my favorite thing about going to the mall at home, in provo, in california, in arizona, etc. is getting a pretzel. i live for mall pretzels. auntie anne's, wetzel's, pretzelmaker, i love 'em all the same. i don't think i can go to the mall without giving into the temptation and getting one (and sometimes even a lemonade too). today we went to the mall - a legitimate mall - almost like the mall at home, just a little bit all around classier. i told everyone about my pretzel addiction, and how i was a little sad that the likeliness of finding a pretzel was very, very low. you would not believe my excitement and literal pure joy when we took the escalator up to the third floor and low and behold 'bretzel love'. A PRETZEL STAND! a very french pretzel stand, but still. i was shocked! of course i had to get one, by far the best pretzel i have ever had. really. i might be going back once a week.
thank you, thank you paris for not being too classy for mall pretzels.

today was good. just your average school day. the highlight was absolutely the pretzel. it really was the best pretzel i ever had. i suppose i shouldn't be surprised, the french just do bread better! walking around the french mall was fun too. there were so many people! the french take a summer break, a christmas break, and then two weeks in the month of february for holiday. it is 'holiday' right now so the city is as bustling as ever. the mall was connected to a GIGANTIC grocery store and i so i stopped in to pick up a few treats for some special folks back home. and when a say a few treats, i don't mean a few at all. i mean lots. so whoever you are, you should be excited! i love sightseeing and hitting all the touristy hot spots, but some days it is just as good to do normal everyday things, like roam the mall, and eat pretzels. makes me feel a little more like i have a home here, even though i am far from home.

bretzel lovin.
so delectable.
drew was my mall buddy today.
a very full bag of treats.
so much candy.
testing out a little nature addict delight.
it pretty much tasted like fruit leather, with a dirt aftertaste. mmm.
why yes i wore my combat boots today.
my new boyfriend.
he wears cargo jeans. yes, please.

i love this home away from home.

p.s. tonight at dinner i accidentally told nannick that the bayeux tapestry was 70 kilometers instead of meters. oh man. she got a kick out of that one.


  1. I am excited for the treats!!!!!!(they better be good)!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, we hope we are included on the treats list. We wonder how many steps today for you? And what did you think about my late night poetry? Lots of love...Gramps and Grams

  3. That would be some tapestry! How I wish I was with you shopping at the mall in France and eating pretzels! Love you!