Thursday, February 10, 2011


today was jam-packed with all kinds of goodness and a whole lot of granola bars. emily and i began our weekend getaway at 6 am when we got on the metro. we live the furthest away, yet we were the only ones at our director's apartment on time. after everyone finally arrived we all piled into our nine passenger mini bus and headed off on a serious adventure to north eastern france. although i caught a few glimpses of the french countryside i spent most of our time in the car napping. thank you three hours of sleep last night.
we did all kinds of things today, from seeing the beautiful old timber-framed buildings that lined the narrow cobblestone streets of rouen, to spending time pondering in cathedrals, to dancing in the streets, to attempting to eat sandwhichs with WAY too much mayonnaise and deciding to stick to granola bars instead, to reading the depressing story that was world war 2 in the memorial museum, to pretending to be robin hoods in the castle of good old william the conqueror, to crashing at the etap hotel here in bayeux. all kinds of emotions today. i've really missed having a dance class, and that all came out and i went wild. jamie and i were leaping and skipping and dancing all over the place. luckily we had allison to capture it on camera.
the memorial museum was extremely neat. it covered everything that happened in the world from about 1914 to 1944: the happenings of the first world war, the craziness of the roaring twenties, the crises of the great depression, the horrors of the holocaust, and the excitement of the success of D Day. i just soaked in all the information and loved seeing all the old artifacts, posters, even the first edition of Mein Kampf. i can't wait to see the beaches where it all happened tomorrow.
its only eight oclock right now and we are all exhausted, and we have another big day tomorrow. i brought my big camera along so we took tons of fun pictures today. enjoy!

fun friends.
daily door.
the dancing begins
the city of rouen has a suggestion box.
i love it!
cute cousins
the timber framed buildings
me being joan of arc
we saw the very square where she was burned at the stakechoose your own escargot

gnarsty sandwhichs, quaint cobblestone streets.

jumping for joy in rouen
heel clicking, to be specific
after i kicked dirt in jamie's face. oops.


quality cartwheelsmuddy hands. yikes.
mine are so little!
a quality kick line.

getting a little crazy with graffiti
more crazy graffiti
center leaps and troll hair

allison attacked me on the drawing bridge of the castle.

so naturally i had to get some sneak attack revenge
this was totally candid. luckily jamie caught it on camera

this one might be a little more staged.
revenge is sweet

robin hoods?
roomie love
shoes and castle.
william (guillaume) the conqueror probably stood right here.


  1. Smart move to bring your big camera! I loved all the photos posted today. Those are some amazing leaps. So grateful you can post from the road. I love you!

  2. I just bought my tap shoes today, I start tapping 3/10 with Angela Brough! So I'll dance for the both of us :)