Wednesday, February 16, 2011

an affair to remember.

emily and i have a roommate motto. it goes a little something like this: "an adventure every day". we are firm believers in this statement. whether our adventure is going to the mall in search of a messenger bag or going to see the eiffel tower, it is an adventure just the same. after a quality french class where i sat next to my favorite james, we headed home a little unsure about what our adventure would be. we knew we needed to go to the grocery store and the post office. exciting right? right.
i had quite a few things to send off to the good old united states of america, and i was a little nervous about finding boxes and tape and labels and the like, but emily and i set off with smiles on our faces and several bags of goodies in tow. we got to our little post office. closed. today they decided to switch their off hours from the morning to the afternoon. grand. due to the weight of all the things needing to be sent we trudged back up the boulevard to our little house to drop off the goods then walked back past the post office to grocery store. upon our return nannick greeted us, we told her our dilemma and she outlined a particularly easy route to the 'tres grande poste' in the center of the ville. i convinced emily to come with me and we headed, for the second time, to the post office with high hopes.
our experience at the poste was quite the affair. from going on a wild gooses chase in an attempt to find 'scotch' (aka tape) and boxes, to sprawling out all over the floor of the poste and worrying all the workers, to being offered our own personal room in which to conduct our dealings, to having a package weigh 100 g over the limit, to attempting to skirt around a language barrier when it came to the subject of 'tracking devices', to the obnoxiously loud noise the tape made every time we used it, to finally getting four quality packages and one postcard sent off an hour later, it was rather intense. i was flushed and sweating by the end of it, and very much grateful for emily's moral support. who knew attempting to send things could be so stressful (especially when the only boxes you can find are a rainbow assortment of archiving boxes). but, we have to have our daily adventure, and the little trip to the big P.O. definitely counted.
on our way home we tested some of the treats that didn't quite make it in due to weight limits. two words: temporary tattoos. two more words: the classiest. dinner was grand as always, i'm still working on getting that picture of nannick. but until then...

right by school
first signs of spring in nannick's garden
so much to send!
taking over the post office
the french postal workers (who were wearing nice suits..) weren't too excited about this.
on the floor at the poste.
equally unhappy with this situation.
finally got everything taped up
rainbow archiving boxes
classy bubblegum temporary tattoo process
an adventure everyday.
tattoo bubblegum
i look extra droozed in this picture, but really i was just depressed about the stickiness of the gum
mostly shoes off today
step count: 12814

p.s. miss days when i don't get to hang out with these girls. too cute
and all these ones too. sly.


  1. Wow. That is the biggest adventure at the post office I've ever heard of. I'm glad you miss us - cause I've really missed not seeing you today! Tomorrow we will rock the museum of the French Revolution! I'm thinking another game of cowboys and indians/romans and gauls is in order but revolution-style. You wanna be a jacobin or a girondin?

  2. This reminds me of a post office in Utah and a plastic camel! Good times! I love your motto -an adventure every day! Keep it up.

  3. Madsy dear, I like the tall, skinny door that is maroon and has the door knob "au milleau de la porte" which is near the school. I also like the first signs of us freezing cold here with NO signs of spring. See, you do need someone to help put on your shoe.
    Avec tout notre amour, Gramps et Grams

  4. I love your Parisian adventures Mads!