Wednesday, February 23, 2011

style watch.

i had always heard that paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. it is absolutely true. not only is the shopping absolutely divine, but people here just dress better. everyone. we have a been keeping a running total of how many people in sweats we have seen, we are at four. (we also have been keeping count of how many pregnant women seen, and that is also at four, strange, but unimportant). i love seeing what everyone is wearing. it makes me a little too wistful because i honestly want about every other thing i see. the shoes, the clothes, the purses. i am in heaven just walking around looking at outfits. as i have coveted many a french ensemble, i have noticed several trends. some more appealing, some less. so i bring you a little french style watch so you too can prepare for the next big thing.

the NUMBER ONE trend is something that i can't say i love, but it is literally everywhere. it is going to be big. denim cutoffs and tights. preferably black opaque tights. pair them with any top and any shoe and you are good to go. unfortunately, i don't think i will be attempting this one.
NUMBER TWO is a classic that absolutely can't go wrong. stripes are so french. put them with a blazer and oversized scarf and you are golden.
SHOE-WISE, it is all about the oxford. put on some slouchy socks and lace up these old school shoes. and if the oxford isn't lace-y enough, grab some combat boots because they are really all the rage. and you must go with a skinny jean. always, always a skinny jean.

in the name of all things fashion, jamie and i decided to go to the Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Musee Carnavalet. we have been seeing posters for the exhibit for quite some time, and due to our shared love of Louis, we decided that there couldn't be anything better than a museum exhibit dedicated completely to him. and it turned out to be so neat! it was a collection of all kinds of these gorgeous LV trunks and luggage from 1800 until today and lots of fun history. Louis got his start at an early age, learning to make trunks at age 14. he decided leather trunks were too bulky and heavy so he went for canvas, a little less luxurious, but took just as much care to make his trunks the best. and they were. people were imitating LV from the very beginning, and from his earliest days he had to trademark his luggage so that people would know they were getting the real deal. we weren't allowed to take pictures, but i wish i could have. some of his older trunks are serious works of art. and i loved seeing all of the fabulous hotel stickers from years gone by. the collection was amazing, and i learned a lot. one of my favorite parts was a little video presentation that showed the care that goes into everything they produce; i watched a shoe being soled by hand. it gave me even more appreciation for all things Louis Vuitton.
louis vuitton lovin'
from the beginning of the trip
at the exhibit
outside the museum
we love louis!
the gardens outside the museum were quite nice as well
other notable events of the day:

some young women from another ward in france stopped at the school to eat their lunches out of the cold. i walked by singing a few times and then they called out to me that i should be called 'the happy one'. i liked that. i then met all the girls and they were so cute. they taught me a little french medley and then started showing off their piano skills. me and the littlest one in the scarf played a quite moving rendition of heart and soul. really. i love making new friends.
a notable door.
sometimes it starts to rain and since you forgot your umbrella you go for the wrap the scarf around your head technique. also, the hair volume is still out of control. thank you humidity?
emily and i went to our dear leader price for a few groceries. on the way back we shared my umbrella and sang yet another moving rendition of the star spangled banner. we're planning on going places. at least a midday metro performance or something. this is a picture of us in the midst of amazing grace. luckily no one else was out on the streets, because we were going wild. we told nannick about it at dinner. she thinks we are great. crazy, but great.
it has been such a good day. even with the rain.

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  1. Maddie!

    I love your gorgeous pictures that you are so diligent at posting, it makes me feel like I'm almost there with you! Love the cute outfits, beautiful gardens cool doors, and as always the amazing picture poses!

    Love ya, Brand