Tuesday, February 1, 2011


oh man. gourmet day today! i am so full, its a bit out of control. first off, emily and i got to school extra early (our train is so unpredictable!) and so we hit a few sales and ended up buying a few things. i got the most fabulous red heels. yes! love early morning shoe shopping.
after school we decided to go for another walk for our favorite class (not.) we found one in the book called 'Time Travel, Tricks, and Treats around Saint-Sulpice". Treats? sounds good lets go. we hopped on the metro and found ourselves on a walk that i actually really enjoyed. we walked around some quaint and classy streets with some serious history. the big door picture below has been around since 1720! and the pictures of all the pretty and delicious looking bread are from this cute little bakery called Poilane. they've been using the same recipe since 1932, they have little 'petits pains' to sample so we each got one. totally tasty, and definitely not your everyday baguette. here is a sad side note: allison is gluten-free in probably the worst place to be gluten-free ever. so she didn't quite get to experience the delicious bread. poor thing.
we kept exploring the old, skinny streets and found ourselves at a true gem of a pastry store: Pierre Herme, one of the most famous in the world. holy cow. the store was beautiful! chic and not cheap. each little dessert looked totally to die for and we all new we had to try something. they are famous for their macaroons, so we all got a few to try. i had to get this tasty little treat called 'tarte infinitement vanille' (pictured below) wow. maybe the most interesting, delicious thing i have ever eaten. i was in heaven! we all had a taste and we just enjoyed our treats sitting outside a bench by Saint-Sulpice. perfection. then we continued our walk and found a little miniature figurines store dating back to 1783 and a really neat vintage clothes store - all clothes from the late 1800s on. we walked in and the woman who owned the store was smoking, and when she said "bonjour" we got a taste of the most intense, stereotypical 'smoker voice' i have ever heard. deep and raspy and old womany and gruff. when we left the store, after dying over some of the neatest dresses, shoes and hats from all kinds of decades, we laughed so hard imitating her crazy voice. moral of the story: quit smoking.
we ended our walk near the Abby of Saint-Germain in maybe one of the classiest parts of Paris i have seen. We were in the midst of Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dior, Armani etc. love it. it was a totally worthwhile walk. i still can't get over my infinitely vanilla delight.
macaroons are made with almond flour, and yours truly is allergic to nuts, but i decided it would be well worth it to eat one and take a little benadryl (it absolutely was) but that meant i came home and crashed for a few hours and then woke up in a crazy, droozed state thinking i had slept through class and was late for school. oh no, it was just three hours later. dinner tonight was tasty, we had shepherd's pie! and Nannick made a beautiful apple tart for us all. it was gorgeous and i wish i would have thought to take a picture before we ate most of it! i told her i would post the picture on my blog and she was so excited and declared herself to be famous throughout the whole world! and she is telling all her friends her tarte made it on the blog. she is darling. maybe i'll get a shot of her one of these days. lots of pictures today! enjoy
big door.
beautiful bread.
so much bread!
our bread purchases
only the classiest
does this not look divine?
macaroons for all!
taking it all in. smelling our 'roons.
mine is rose, hers is mint!
macaroon single shots
serious vanilla delight.
so excited to eat my little splurge of a treat!
heating vent in Saint-Sulpice,
warming up the toes.
apparently i wear these boots every day..
just looking in a little store that has been around hundreds of years.
an absolutely gorgeous window display!
cutest door yet!
friends in front of something of significance
the love gloves.
so much love!
our kind of store
la tarte du Nannick!
step count: 10678 (and that was just til 15:00)


  1. My favorite door picture so far Mads! I was also drooling and super hungry after seeing your pictures of the bakery. Sounds like a GREAT day girl :)

  2. love your macaroon single shots and i love reading about your adventures! You're a doll.

  3. I especially love the reflection of you in that darling door! Can't wait for you to taste Laduree macaroons!