Wednesday, February 9, 2011

la poste.

sometimes you have to try on at least four outfits before you feel presentable. today was one of those days.

also, you know you aren't on vacation anymore when the most exciting thing you did today was hit up la poste. nonetheless, it was a very exciting trip to the post office. (you'll find out why a little later). i am leaving on a little weekend getaway tomorrow (i apologize in advance in case i miss the next two days, i might not have internet!) and so we had to double up on classes today. so much school. after much too much class emily and i went to the BHV for some valentine supplies (a little preview to come), then we went the poste, then it was time to get some serious homework done. aka time to procrastinate and make some seriously awesome valentines. don't worry i finished all of my devoirs (homework) and my valentines too. now i can't wait to get on the 'tro at 6 AM tomorrow morning. metro nap? here. i. come.

me. at the poste. behind the line of confidentialite.
emily sent about 50 valentines postcards.
how cute are these?
i needed to send some postcards too. and get some stamps. and pick up a 'colissimo' package that i missed yesterday. hmm. who could this colissimo be from?
i licked about 50 stamps today (okay only 14) but still
that can make a girl crazy
really excited about my package.
notice rembrandt.
half face.
really, really excited about the 'colissimo' package.
i think colissimo means there is food involved.
but mainly emily and i decided that colissimo was the least french word we had ever heard.
my absolutely darling package was from mary. all the ingredients, already measured out, for your classic chocolate chip cookies. even shortening! hooray for shortening! it does not exist here. (maybe THAT'S why they are so skinny)
and she sent me some peanut butter treats too. HALLELUJAH. thanks mar.
dinner tonight was delish. it was just emily, nannick and i and we had chicken and rice and fresh pineapple for dessert. yum. nannick dropped all of her pineapple on the floor and just had us put it back in the bowl so she could eat it anyway. she 'duzzn't mind zuh floor'. love our conversation about les vacanes, les fetes, et TOMS shoes. she got a kick out of those!
we each have a particular napkin ring. guess which one i am?
there is this cactus painted on the wall next to the toilet in the bathroom.
i quite like it, although i do not quite understand it.
preview of super awesome bhv valentine treats.
we were a little disappointed that the french don't do the cute little fold over disney princess valentine thing. but my homemade ones turned out just as good.
more preview. sometimes i get a little envelope crazy.
they may not make valentines, but they make cheese in the shape of a heart!
i love france.

again, if i don't post until saturday night, you will have to forgive me! i'll do the best i can. in the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Collisimo hellos from the land of Crisco. I love you