Thursday, February 24, 2011

a whole new world

today after a quality french class we decided to tackle another walk for our favorite course, paris walks. its seems as though the enthusiasm that was had at the beginning of the trip for this class had been lost, but today we decided it was time to jump back aboard the paris walks train. we picked the shortest walk in the book. it looked really straightforward, just a simple straight line on the map. expectations were low. little did we know this walk would literally take us to a whole new side of the city. after seeing street after street of the old, quaint and typical french apartment building, it was a treat to be surrounded by a whole new kind of architecture.
modern, high reaching, glassy grey, and new. the monotony of the vertical lines was broken up with strange, but intriguing modern sculptures and pieces of art, keeping things interesting. as we walked away from the old, away from the arc de triomphe clearly in the distance, and toward the new, we all couldn't help but look up and take in that 'big city' feel. i knew this part of paris existed, i just had no idea how much i would love it. i especially loved the random bursts of color throughout the coin (area). i love color. but i just loved the openness of the space that was so unique, and the way my eyes couldn't help but follow the buildings up, up, up. we had low expectations for the walk, and they were thoroughly exceeded. it was quick, it was easy, and it was definitely an adventure. we even got to see a giant, strange sculpture of a thumb. modern art, always a winner.

up, up and away
a whole new world
sassafrass city cousins
love this shot
more color!
i have no idea what this random rainbow sculpture was, but i loved it
modern art at its finest
although this sculpture looked like a fourth grader working with play-doh,
it was still fun colors
resting thumbs up on a giant resting thumb,
does it get any better?
La Grande Arche de La Defense
sitting on the steps,
reminiscent of washington dc
and yet remembering that i am really in paris
and it is the best
most of our little walking team on the steps
roommates and friends.
(looking pretty glam for a no make up day! and thanks to amanda for the earrings, so cute)
and we were in the area so i couldn't resist.
i got another pretzel, well a bretzel
bretzel love forever.


  1. What Paris Walks book are you using? I loved the book we used in 2006 but it went out of print.

  2. Now this is a part of Paris I have not been, but if I did go, I would definitely want to go with you because with you I do believe that I would like this "whole new world." (Don't you dare close your eyes!)

  3. that bretzel looks delicious.
    i'm hungry.

    It doesn't even look like you're in paris! I love the picture of you in front of the city and the random burst of green amongst all the sleek city buildings.