Tuesday, February 8, 2011

music, mustard, maple syrup and marshmallow fluff

i love singing. and usually i am always singing. in france, this has (unfortunately) had to change. as much as i love to stand out, over here it is kind of important to just fit in. so i try to keep my loud and random singing of english songs to a minimum. no need to draw attention to my little american self right? perhaps if i knew some more popular french songs, singing out loud would be a litttle more acceptable. so i've been trying to find some fun french music. this is difficult because everyone i ask for recommendations says there isn't much good music, and the french people i've met listen to mostly american music. when i listen to the radio on my cell phone, it is usually Rihanna or usher with an occasional song in french. though it has been difficult, i have been somewhat successful. so i want to share with you a little piece of my success. emily reccommended 'coeur de Pirate' (heart of a pirate, promising, no?) and i actually really liked it. the video is cute too. so go ahead and culture yourselves a little bit, enjoy a little bit of french music. join me in my quest so that the madeline who currently only sings in the kitchen and shower can be replaced by the real madeline, the one who sings anytime anywhere, and now, in any language.

i think this should be my next hair cut.
an overload of shopping can make jamie and i a little crazy,
good thing allison had suckers to save the day!
allison preparing jamie for her first lady shoot.
(make sure to hide that 7euro pricetag on those shoes!)
jamie makes a perfect first lady
i make a perfect gypsy woman?
she is accepting applications for future presidents of the united states today.
let me know if you are interested.
the metro nap was captured on film.
this is the real deal.
we ventured to the walmart/costco of france,
the biggest carrefour i have ever beheld! i can't get over all the cheese.
they even had a little american section.
nothing like some mustard, maple syrup, and marshmallow fluff to remind me of home.
checking out
in front of the metro map, finding the quickest way home
a little light reading
our new favorite thing: white chocolate and nutella swirl.
bon soir!

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