Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sequin heaven.

today was definitely a school day. emphasis on the school. class from 10:30 to about 4:00. hooray. it really wasn't too bad, and i took some quality notes.

in case you wondered what it looks like when i take notes
its a little ridiculous, but hey it works.

after school everyone else was headed home to do homework so emily and i headed that way too. (side note: emily and i have been together since arrival in paris. we have never ridden the metro separately, walked to school alone, or done anything apart. funny. every other pair has definitely split, i'm not sure why we always stick together but i love it!) while walking to the train we both decided we weren't ready for le ves quite yet and i remembered this funky little clothing store we were close too and so i asked if emily wanted to join me. we went on in and i decided we both had to try something on. the clothes are all made in nepal and are all totally weird but really fun. we had a little fashion show and the ladies in the store were loving it. i may or may not have bought an extra special treat for a certain someone's birthday (jenn's!) here. check it out...

well hello there crazy pants
love this look.
roommate adventures

after that we just went in and out of different shops looking for all kinds of things. emily declared that she really wanted to find a thrift shop like the one we went in yesterday just closer and a lot less... smoky. right then we turned down a random street and voila, one of the best thrift stores i have EVER seen just appeared. they had a sequin section! seriously. i wanted about every other thing in the whole store, and i was sorely tempted to buy some seriously fabulous dresses. dress after dress after dress after dress. i was in heaven! i finally narrowed it down to two that i had to try on, one seventies meets pioneer plaid on plaid number (emily totally hated it! i could tell) and this super great bubblegum pink quintessential fifties piece. i tried on the pink one first and it fit to a tee but it was almost too good to be true. i really do not have anywhere to wear it to. so i tried on the plaid on plaid dress and immediately i fell in love. emily was surprised when i came out of the dressing room, 'oh, it's totally cute on!'. and it totally is. i cannot wait to bust it out. thank you french thrift store. maybe next time i'll end up with a sequin wonder. okay, i promise i WILL end up with a sequin wonder.
sequins galore
please, take your pick

we finally made it home just in time for dinner with nannick and her flirty grandson theo. the arrangement: theo will practice his english, and emily and i must respond in french. it worked out pretty well and his english is mostly comprehend-able! haha he likes to make fun of the way we talk and it is actually pretty funny. i told nannick that i needed to take a picture of her for my blog and she struck the most FABULOUS pose, sadly i didn't have my camera handy. she was glad of that and told me i had to wait for a "plus belle jour", or a day when she was looking a little more beautiful. oh she is precious. the grandson-grandma interaction was fun to watch as well. made me miss mine! dinner was interesting tonight. we had pork and potatoes and some strange vegetable that i didn't love but ate anyway. dessert was the main issue. bananas. cooked bananas. one word: yuck! i took a smallish helping and passed it along. i ate it and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be but it wasn't great either. after dinner when emily and i were doing the dishes and nannick had gone to take theo to the station, i yelled bring out the brioche and nutella! (we accidentally bought a loaf of brioche instead of normal bread!) and emily chimed in PLEASE!!! after i came running back into the kitchen with the goods emily confided that she DETESTED bananas. we both had eaten mushy bananas with smiles on our faces, all the while barely being able to swallow the mush. we had a good laugh about that. and nutella and brioche made everything better. now i have a plethora of reading for politcal science... oh dear oh dear. maybe i better go and get another slice!

good wood.
metro floor = kinda gross.
extreme sidewalk chalk.
maybe one of my favorite pictures so far:
sometimes i wash my hands extra aggressively
and water sprays all over my skirt...

i am an artist.


  1. love that you and Emily both hate bananas!

  2. So i know that you are in Paris, but your experience in the thrift store totally reminded me of the shopping scene in Winning London (that i missed when we recently watched it). So great!

  3. Have you had endives yet? Ugh, not a fan!

  4. I LOVE the chalk photo too, looks like something out of National Geographic. Nice job :)