Sunday, February 20, 2011


sundays have become a little more routine.
we get up early.
we eat our crusty granola cereal.
we hop on the 8,48 train.
we go to church.
we head back on the 13,30.
we rest.
we eat dinner, a nannick prepared dinner, at 20,00.
we rest.
sunday has truly become a day of rest.

though routine, our day is nonetheless interesting.
there are always a few little surprises, a new face at church, a visit from theo, strawberries for dessert, that take a little bit of the 'routine' out of our restful days.

this sign is in the relief society room and it makes me laugh every time.
it reads: 'eternity, it's long'
and that's all.

my new friend at church was siting right in front of me in relief society.
i may not have caught some of the lesson because we were winking at each other.
she's three, her name is something like 'giminelli', and she is SASSY!
i tempted her to come and talk to me with my camera,
she then wanted to take a picture, so i let her.
i love sassy little girls, and making new friends.
i gave her a starburst i happened to have in my purse, her jaw dropped and she told me it was beautiful. ah, simple pleasures.
(summer skin how i miss you!)
after a little too much resting i decided to head to st. germain-en-laye to fool around with my camera. as i headed out the door to hop on the train i ran into theo, who had just finished washing his car. he offered to drive me there and show me around. it was lots of fun, although he made fun of me for taking pictures of doors and mail boxes.
i saw lots of neat doors today.
i was also playing with my camera settings.
good sabbath activity.
i love mail in ANY country.
i love seeing all the people walking on sunday afternoon
theo, my tour guide, and st. germain castle
a very 'romantic' gazebo.
geometric, just like nadeau says.
my city.
i feel as though i can claim it as mine now.
i know her well.
this is a very chique restaurant in st. germain called Henri IV.
you can eat and look over all of paris from the balcony, but its tres cher
the beautiful seine.
that river never gets old.
sunday afternoon colors.
yes. i wore my uggs AND sweats. out of the comfort of my own home.
basically like committing a sin. oops.
my new bedding.
(our sheets get changed every other week). its reversible and fabulous.

and happy birthday to my dear grandma hart! love love love to you. and to my other dear grandma hawes last sunday. je vous aime!


  1. Dear Madeline, I am viewing this wonderful blog on Sunday evening--February 20th--my birthday. Thanks for remembering. I loved the e-mail card with you, all in black, forming the letters in 13 different photos-unique and original. Merci. And the parks and the doors and the Seine all made me homesick for la belle France. Thanks for the memories.
    ta granmere, even Joanne Hart.

  2. The pictures you posted today are amazing! The one entitled "View" reminds me of my heart I use with my signature. "Scarf" is beautiful and intriguing. The doors, views, colors, - wow! I can't wait to see every picture you have taken!

  3. Ooh! I went up there once to see where the metro line ended. Such a beautiful view. You can see the apartment we stayed in from there. Then I walked all the way back down the long hill home. You should have Theo take you down Le Pecq to the bigger grocery store, and the random Wild Bill's BBQ steak house. It was one of the most random things I've ever seen in France. Just doesn't fit!