Thursday, February 3, 2011

a few observations.

this is what i looked like today:
pink lipstick, thrift store grandpa sweater, and pigtails? yes please.

considering i have now lived in Paris for one week and 4 days, i feel as though i am aptly qualified to make a few observations about all the lovely people i share this glorious city with. here we go.

1. parisiens have warmer hands. only about 1 in 10 people here wear gloves. and that is an honest to goodness, tried and tested ratio. my hands get so cold i wear mittens! i am not sure how they manage to walk gloveless out in the freezing cold. their hands just must have all around better circulation.

2. scarves ARE the way to go. if you want to fit in, you wear a scarf. and let me tell you, the bigger the better. parisiens are NOT shy when it comes to wearing scarves. sure they all wear black coats, but a little personality shines through when you see an old grand-mere with her cheetah print scarf. or the business man with a subtle rainbow yarn sneaking into his knit scarf. and honestly, they keep you at least 72% warmer. i have officially become a scarf wearer.
3. people here do not like peanut butter. i have been looking for it EVERYWHERE and when i found it today it was about 7 dollars for a teensy tiny little jar of skippy. i was sorely tempted, but in the end i decided nutella would get me through. on the plus side, nutella is much cheaper here. so, France = nutella > pb.

4. black is the new black. and it always will be.

5.if you want to be cool wear nikes. (i already knew that)

6. if you don't want to wear nikes, heels are a must. and similar principle to the scarves: the bigger the better. none of this kitten heel or flat. if you are going to wear a heel make it at least 4 inches please. walking in heels must be a skill french women are born with, because there are cobblestones everywhere... killer! they really do have a talent, and less sensitive feet.

7. remember that classic childrens' story Madeline the little french girl (it was my favorite, obviously, same name). "twelve little girls in two straight lines.. in two straight lines...., in two straight lines ...., in two straight lines..."? kids really do walk in two straight lines. well mostly straight. and kids are just cuter here. something about little kids with french accents. i just want to eat them up.

8. if someone is behind you on a scooter and they are honking, it is most likely a grand-mere. for reals. watch out for those old french ladies! they like to hog the roads!

9. it is totally appropriate to match your hair to your favorite accessory. do you have a favorite orange scarf? please, dye your hair the SAME shade. i literally saw this 3 times today. orange scarf, purple scarf, and pink lipstick. orange hair, purple hair, pink hair. i might try this out.

10. the soldes (sales) are not as great as you might think. either already cheap things are extra cheap, or exhorbitantly expensive things are a little less expensive. disappointing. and yet, the soldes still justify all kinds of purchases.
11. not all french people wear berets. sadly, very few actually sport this very french headwear.
12. wearing fur? keep it real.
and last but not least..

13. eating habits are just different. french people do not snack. (they are missing out). breakfast is usually only a cup of coffee and a smallish tartine (a little piece of toast). mcdonalds (mcdo) is just a classier joint (they offer fresh pastries and it actually looks well decorated inside, no red and yellow) and dinner is a regular event (at least 2 hours) and always at 20.00, if not later. and they really are skinnier here.
our dinner tonight
everyone finishing homework minutes before it is due.
just reading, don't mind the moose socks.
morning photoshoot?

i want to be french,
and ride this around paris.
a little cathedral editorial.


  1. i love this! i am so jealous of you! we miss you!

  2. The soldes get better with time... the first week is like 25% off and the last week is like 90% off. Of course, most of the great stuff is picked through by then, but you never know when you might reveal a great find! The soldes actually happen twice a year, again in July. Out with the old and in with the new!