Wednesday, March 16, 2011


just a few quick updates

1. i ate my first croissant today.
two words: holy. cow.
i think if i could send everyone in the world a fresh out of the oven croissant straight from paris, wars would end, tsunamis would cease, and global warming would probably stop too. that is how good they are.
croissant moustache?
2. i bumped into an old friend today. yes another one, but this one was TOTALLY a surprise. christian and i were partners for the opening number in Christmas around the world and naturally became best of buds. i had no clue that he would be serving a mission here in france, so today when i went outside for a little fresh air and saw a familiar face, did a total double take, and realized who it was, i could not believe it! we literally slow-mo ran toward each other and stopped about a foot away... then shook hands! we were both laughing and in total shock. it was crazy.
reenactment below.
christmas around the world, reunited.
love awkward missionary pictures. he made my day!
3. i decided that since i have two owl rings i should probably wear both.
loved it. so french. (they love piling up the rings)
4. i am going to rome tomorrow. no big deal. just rome.
still working on packing. limited space
chances of me being able to blog: limited.
i will be gone 'til next wednesday.
spring break 2011, baby!

until then enjoy these:
a totally random french pub.
stephanie tanner full house look alike.
so nineties.
a little springtime throw back.
because spring is coming up all over!

i wrote this about packing almost two years ago when i was finishing my first summer in montana:
"But what it really comes down to is packing is usually fun when you are going, and hard when you are leaving. Packing is like the word "aloha" it means hello and goodbye at the same time. And like I said before, it brings out the best in me - if we are talking about procrastination. What do you think I should be doing right now as I write this blog?"

it still applies now. au revoir mes amis!


  1. This seems impossible that you could have been in Paris for 2 months and this is your first taste of a you are parisianne.

    Ciao Bella!

  2. HOW is it that you've only had ONE croissant??!?? you have LOTS of ground to make up gurl... one a day, for the rest of your trip at least! you'll NEVER find them as good anywhere in the world NEVER eat up! and eat one for me! mmmmmmmmmmm...dreaming of the buttery deliciousness :)

  3. I too am surprised that you have just had your first taste of a croissant! How about a sucre brioche. Those are my fav! Have a howlin' good time in Italy and Switzerland! I will miss my daily reading of your blog.