Friday, March 18, 2011

good eats

today was a vatican kind of day.
allison and i hit st. peter's basiclica three times in 12 hours- watch out.
we also hit two gelato stops in about five minutes. that is true.
probably the best part about roma has been the quality eats. really.
today we started with the most fabulous marriott breakfast buffet i have ever partaken in. we brought it up to our balcony and ate it in some serious sunshine while we looked out on all of rome. amazing, yes.
for lunch giulia took us to the most delightful little bakery called roscoli and we ate some seriously grand sandwiches. i had salami and mozzerella and some delightful baked goods too.
the food here is divine, i cannot get over it.
we also got some treats at another world famous bakery.
and then the gelato to boot.

rome was so great today, i can't wait til i actually have time to blog and can post pictures. until then.



  1. i'll just say it again. JEALOUSY!!!! so lucky Maddie! I hope I can go one day, it sounds like a dream!!!!!!!!! have fun!

  2. Sounds so fun Mads! Enjoy your time in Rome!!