Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ice cream

an important fact about myself: i do not like ice cream.
i do not know why. yes i understand that that is crazy.
no matter how many times i try it i do not like it.
chocolat is bad, vanilla is the worst, sorbets i can sometimes handle.
i think it is the creaminess that gets me.


today i was at school from 10:30-4:00. it was too much school. after it finally ended, i was not about to go home and do homework, so i got some people to join me for a little afternoon adventure. we considered going for a walk, then decided against that and hoped to go sit in a little parc instead. i remember my momma telling me about the tastiest ice cream (Berthillon) ever on the little Ile-St-Louis behind the Notre Dame, and i love the parc directly behind the cathedral, so i proposed that we hit both. i knew everyone else would go for the ice cream and i would be content to just sit in a parc.
as we walked to the little ice cream stand i watched at least ten people walk by with some of the most precious little ice cream cones i have ever seen. i was tempted. we got to the little ice cream stand and i thought to myself, "go big or go home, or go home big" and i decided that my dislike for ice cream was most definitely trumped by how absolutely darling two little scoops on a simple cone were. luckily they had sorbets. i decided to take a chance and get pear (poire) and grapefruit (pamplemousse). i was not disappointed. (and i did feel a little bit like i was in genovia) eating precious ice cream cones on a parc bench in france? perfection. everything is better in france.

french public trash cans
are humorous
door on the island
single shots. ice cream delights.
ice cream treats and notre dame
almost done
shoes and socks and sand and sun
there is awkward love in paris too
love when the man is signif. shorter
parc friends
p.s. the pear sorbet really tasted like pear. and it was so good! put it on your lists. its a must.


  1. I would never lead you astray. Happy Berthillon! Do you know what flavor I ordered? The one and only chocolat noir! I would love to have one right now.

  2. i have been to that very ice cream shop on il san louis - i know i spelled that all wrong... my mom LOVES that little ilse sooo much! and i have the happiest memories walking around it with her... and having the most beautiful daintiest over priced ice cream there. :)
    i too do not care too much for ice cream! although i might like it a little more than you do... but thankfuly it's not a temptation for me. but i'm, so glad you experienced it anyway! - beacuse it's an experience and a memory you'll always have!
    the flowers in and around paris in the next coming weeks are some of my favorite scenes in the world! you know the bridge in le vesinet the one you walk over on your way to san germain castle? please do me a favor and take a picture with the fat ladies with HUGE thighs... and the flowers on that bridge too... merci. those fat ladies always made me laugh... i love them! and there's a reeeaaly good patisserie right near the bridge too you could scout out :)
    je taime!