Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i love home. and yet, i have never been one to really get homesick. perhaps this is because i have an interesting concept of home. home seems to follow me. i am like a turtle, carrying around my home wherever i go, and yet i leave many shells, or homes, behind me. home will always be on sunshine drive, even if my room has been taken over by my not-so-little brother and painted green fluo. helamen halls, as small and cramped as our little room was, was home. allred eleven became such a dear place, and always will be. i loved being at home with my sweet roommates there. i have a home on hebgen lake, a home with so many wonderful memories. every time i find myself back there it feels as though no time has ever passed. i have a playmill home. i'm at home with the bermudez fam, on haven lane, or even at the salt lake city marriott. they say home is where the heart is, and a little piece of my heart is in each of these places.

and now i have a home here with nannick in france. it truly has become a place where i feel comfortable and at ease, a place that is so nice to come back to after a long day at school, a place where we gather for good conversation and good food. my heart has found yet another home here. i love it. i know it will be so hard to leave. and yet i know i will continue on this adventure that is life and will find many more places to call home, and eventually create a real home of my own. i will always have all of these dear places to return to and remember.

and so, after six wonderful days of vacation including a fabulous night relaxing in a hot tub in switzerland, this little turtle (who has been moving anything but slowly) is ready to be home.

and by that i mean le ves, yet another home away from home.


  1. Another way to say home is simply chez moi. And Grandma and I can vouch for the lovely thought that home is where the heart is. We loved west 16th street, herring street in Idaho Falls, Brussels, Rexburg BYU-I, and the SLC Downtown Marriott to name a few. Great essay! And by the way, Grandma Garff loved your post card from Paris. She was very pleased. Bon nuit, bonne chance, bonne continuation, bon route. Nous t'aimons si beaucoup. Grandpa and Grandma Hart

  2. I told Dad this very day that I knew that you had found a home in France! Truly, "home is where the heart is" and therefore, "there is no place like home!" Welcome back to Nannick and Le Vesinet. Welcome home!

  3. i left part of my heart in one of my homes... in le ves too. love that home.