Monday, March 28, 2011

the happiest place on earth

today jamie, emily, abby and i went to the happiest place on earth. also known as disneyland. we have been anticipating this adventure for a while and it lived up to all my wildest dreams. emily dared me to take 1000 pictures. you will be happy to know that i did not succeed. i only took 769 pictures. this post is sure to be a long one. the day truly was magical. below are some great pictures and some silly stories. enjoy!

we started the day off right by reading our horoscopes on the train.
we started the day off wrong by being too excited about disneyland and singing mulan and lion king and little mermaid songs too loud to hear the announcement that the train was at the last stop and heading to the depot. if you ever wondered what happens if you forget to get off the train at the last stop, we can tell you. you get parked. in the middle of nowhere. luckily another girl who had on huge head phones made the same mistake and helped us out. we were going to have to walk (scary) but the train driver felt bad for us silly americans so he drove the train back. we got to exit through the conductor door. it was pretty wild and totally worth the 15 minute setback.
just exiting through the conductor door.
walking right down the middle of Main Street USA
you better believe i sang it, and heel clicked too. at least once
teacups and resting thumbs. we think there is a child lock on the cups, we could not get going very fast.
its a small world after all was practically the same, except the boats went the opposite direction. it threw me off a little bit!
you know how you always pick exactly which horse you want while you are waiting in line for the carrousel? well i wanted that pretty rose one. and abby and jamie picked the ones next to it. but guess what? as i was taking single shots of the other girls somebody stole my pony right before my eyes! the worst!
we like pictures in hats. and p.s. you go upside down in indy. that was new
being in line for the wildest ride in the wilderness spurs impromptu hoedown dance parties. it also spurs on mini line revolutions when jamie did the 'american' thing to do and jumped over into the opposite and much shorter line. we followed along with about 100 other people.
sometimes i have good ideas. for example, abby went to stand by some balloons. i told her to get in the balloons. to really just dive into those balloons. she did. i am not sure if that is really allowed, but it made for some AWESOME pictures. here are some of my faves.
haunted mansion had an awesome line with about 500 places to take great pictures and gorgeous cherry trees blossoming all around. here are some single shots.
jamie and i went to a hilarious moto-stunt show. that's all i have to say about that.
although our snack packs (that i made for each of us with love this morning) got us through most of the day, i had to buy the five pack mickey shaped lollipops to share with my girls. emily had cotton candy (suspiciously green) james went for orange, i took banana, and abs got bubblegum. lollipops are just cute. don't you think? we had quite the lolly photoshoot.
remember when we went to the circus many moons ago? jamie and i still like to implement circus moves. this is called the 'gruss'. lollipops in hand and in front of disneyland edition.
while i sprinted and got fast passes
the other gals took a little bench break.
nobody had been on storybook cruise! it was a little different here, small world boats and no guide, but it was just as cute. we loved just cruising on the little river and having a boat to ourselves. perfect for some lounging shots and relaxing on our own rows.
emily and i painted our nails orange with white mickey mouses in preparation for the big day. they turned out real real cute! abby and jamie felt a little left out, but at least they had each other. this is on casey junior, which i happily introduced to the other three girls. time for lemonade and cracker jacks! you cannot just sit in monkey cage like you can in california.
here is yet another quality seek. that would be short for sequence. sometimes you sprint all the way across the park in order to hit one last ride before it closes, get there in the nick of time, and realize that it has just broken down. so, you make do by having a photoshoot in the near by wild west adventure park. equally as good. see above and below. one word: lean?
we did have a little bit of a less than glamorous evening. emily suddenly felt a little woozy droozy at about 7, an hour before the park closed. lets just say it all went downhill from there. there was some napping on benches, some stroller pushing, some sprite buying, and a couple of extra plastic bags. emily was such a trooper. we still couldn't help but talk about what a wonderful day it was, weird metro flu bug and all.
what better way to end the post than with our awkward star jumps.
it was a great day.


  1. Looks like you had a FANTASTIC day at the happiest place on earth! Love, love, love it Mads :)

  2. hi, i'm chelsea. i'm jamie's friend. she is awesome, so be nice to her, and post a lot of pics of her too!
    i like following your blog, i wish i was in france!