Monday, March 7, 2011

go home big.

us french study abroad kids over here have a little motto. one night when allison, jamie and i were at a creperie eating crepes, we were trying decided whether or not to get dessert crepes as well. someone said, "go big or go home!" then jamie i looked at each other, smiled and said, "or go home big!" we laughed, hard and it was decided. 'go big or go home. or go home big' and let me tell you, we are choosing to go home big. which would explain why i started my day off with a pain au chocolat from paul. delish

(this is for you katie j)
and it would also explain why i bought a fresh baguette at a bakery by school,
and then proceeded to eat the WHOLE thing. plain. because it was just so good.
as i ate my tasty baguette, it really just inspired me so. i felt the need to write an ode. to baguettes. so i did, in my head. right then. i'll try and remember it so you too can feel the inspiration. here i go. please read this in your most serious inside your head voice. or out loud, if you really want to feel it.

an ode to a baguette

oh baguette,
how i love you.
a perfect combination
of crust and doughy bread.
fresh from the oven,
still slighty warm,
american bakeries
just don't do it justice.
there is nothing like breaking off a piece
of a long baguette,
watching the crumbs fall to the ground
or on your skirt
and seeing little white baguette dust settle
all over, to be wiped off later.
or forgotten about.
your texture
your flavor
your color
there must be something in the french air
that makes you the way you are.
a baguette
is a perfect meal.
a perfect snack.
in fact, a perfect companion
for a walk,
or while reading.
breaking off a piece of baguette
is like breaking off a little piece of happiness.
a little piece of french happiness.
every time.

it was a bit of a crazy day. art class was in the louvre. today we studied the rococo and turned in our midterms (yikes!). then jamie, allison and i tried to finalize our travel plans for our spring break 2011. i think, after much indecision, it is finally done. hallelujah. jamie and allison ate some mcdo for lunch. as i have said before, mcdonald's is pretty classy here. allison got chocolate flan. yes, you can get chocolate flan at mickey-dees in france. and macaroons too. james got a salad and a mcflurry. with 'real caramel'. then, after a slight metro mix up and some running, we attended a lecture by our professor hancock for a college class at the Ecole de Beaux Arts. it was the most eclectic class group i have ever seen, and it was fun to sit in a little classroom in a french academie and learn about french things. tonight has been lots and lots of homework. lots and lots of baguette. and lots and lots of emily and i just sitting in my room, sharing music, singing really loudly and awfully, making up songs about ants in our cereal, and having a blast, like always.

looking up at the baguettes behind the counter
blue sky
everyone needs a paris guide
james and allison with mcdo
a mcflurry is just as tasty here,
graffiti sticker
always another door
always another adventure


  1. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! thank you for the shout out, and for the ode to the were making me drool as i read it...definately come home big or don't come home at all... HAHAHA.... ENJOY it while you can!!! now, one more request to make my day... next time you see a creperie... will you please take a pic with a crepe nutella?? my fav! C voo play?? haha. love you mads!! thank you for living my dream right :)

  2. Madsy dear, in days long gone when I was a young elder in France and living in Limoge an old man came around each morning with a horse-drawn two wheel cart. The old man sat on the front of the cart and the freshly baked baguettes were in the back. We and our neighbors would come out and buy several baguettes from him. One day I lingered at the door of our apartment. The horse wouldn't move and finally in frustration the old frenchman reached back to the baguettes, took hold of one and gave the old horse a couple of whacks on his rump. The horse moved forward and the old man put the baguette back with the rest to be sold at the next stop--horse hair and horse sweat included. Needless to say, that sight caused us to quit buying bread from the old man with the horse cart in Limoge, France. Grandpa Hart

  3. I can't stop laughing at your ode to baguette...LOVE IT! And of course, can't stop laughing at go home big as well! You gals are HILARIOUS :)