Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring break part two to come

sometimes after you travel for six days, get home at seven in the morning and go straight to school all day, come home and do homework, and then go to school from 10 AM til 7 PM the next day a little thing happens. this thing is called exhaustion. sometimes it is possible to try and forget about it and ignore the feeling. the feeling that is beyond just heavy eyelids. the feeling when each time you lift a finger to type another letter it gets more and more difficult. the feeling when your brain starts to mush everything together and you can't think straight. you start to say things like 'he has longer hair than i does' or call a picture of carved pumpkins pancakes. sometimes you can just continue to add to the exhaustion and write awesome blog posts with tons of pictures and skip out on needed sleep.

sometimes you just have to give in to the exhaustion.

sometimes you have to just come home from school at 7 PM and fall on your bed with the lights on, on top of your covers, awkwardly positioned around your backpack and computer and just take a nap. sometimes you have to eat a little bowl of soup at 11:30 because that is when you wake up and are hungry for dinner. sometimes you have to turn in homework late.

but you know what?
sometimes that is okay.
i am surrendering to the exhaustion.

more spring break updates and better posts to come. today was exhausting, but we did get to have class outside because it was so sunny an warm. i might have even gotten a little bit of a watch tan. and a lace-y sleeve splotchy upper arm tan. awes.

brioche sucre and sunshine makes any day a good day
class outside. you can't really tell
shoes in the sun
tasty vanilla applesauce in a to go pouch.
so good.
so exhausted i am uploading this picture of emily and me at the musee d'orsay sidewise,
and i'm not even going to worry about it!
exhausted or not, paris is still amazing. especially when in is sunshine-y and springy. i love paris in the springtime. it is good to be back.

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  1. I want that brioche sucre! Yummy! Love this post on exhaustion because I have experienced it recently! Enjoy the sunshine.