Friday, March 4, 2011

sunshine days

i love the sun.
i thrive in sunshine.
i become fairly disheartened when vitamin D deprived for too long.

a brief list of why i love the sun:
1. it is warm
2. it turns skin from pasty white to pretty tan
3. it makes everything look brighter
4. sunny days mean no coats
5. picnics are better in the sun
6. sunny days mean summer is getting closer
7. i like wearing sunglasses
8. squinty pictures are oh-so-attractive

today i woke up and the sun was shining through my window. i could not wait to get outside. i went for a beautiful run along the sunny seine and then emily and i headed to meet with others to see the sacre coeur. the basilica was bright white in the sunshine and the view from paris that high was amazing, but i must say my favorite part about the day was just sitting in the grass in the sunshine. after picnicking on the steps of the sacre coeur we moved, at my request, to that absolutely luscious looking grass. i closed my eyes and just let it literally soak in. let it bathe my entire body in warmth. i sat there, unmoving, for over an hour. i could have stayed there all day long.


sunshine days
nuns in the sun
sunshine on the basilica
stained glass reflections
carrot stick buds
elvera and james
sunny, candid friends
shoes and sunshine.
the sun brought all kinds of people out on the grass
we were glad this man did not steal the camera.
check those socks
i tooks some pictures today that i particularly liked,
hopefully you will like them too, enjoy the next few
paris haze
purse in grass
sacre coeur
we wandered around the little town of montmatre that surrounds the sacre coeur and found ourselves in a fun little fabric quarter and then in a little coin for artists of all kinds. i almost gave into the temptation of having one of the amazing artist draw me, but i saved my euros.
a little art print store, so french
many many doors
the middle one for allison
many many views
i can't get enough of color OR fruit
these looked real tasty
classy part of town.


  1. My memory of the Sacre Coeur was enjoying a crepe and watching an organ grinder when all of a sudden a nursery school class came by, stopped and the organ grinder (sans monkey) played a song the children knew and they sang along, A-mazing!
    I see you "saucy" girls didn't miss the Moulin Rouge on the way home, it is a must see, history ya know?!

  2. Sacre Coeur is my absolute favorite part of Paris!

  3. Grandma and I went to the Moulin Rouge in 2005 when we were in Paris. It was delightfully french.