Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring break part two: the fun

i know you all have been eagerly awaiting spring break part two, so here you go. let me sum it all up in a few short words: we had lots of fun. here are just a few more pictures from the quality times. okay a lot of pictures. enjoy.

torrential rain storm.
everyone has umbrellas
love the color
me and rome
loved the trevi fountain
making wishes
we will all return
gelato is the best in roma
roman boys and togas
vatican singles
we love being outside
sistine chapel.
look mom! i went inside the colosseum!
in paris i have my doors,
in rome i found mail boxes
biking shots.
best day.
socks with crocks.
'switzerland is the world'
spinny singles
best of friends
jet d'eau
james does the splits
weeping willow
last minute church stop

as for today's update...
in spirit of our 'go big. go home. or go home big' motto, we've made a new goal: a new pastry for every day we have left. awesome
today's pastry: the religieuse. chocolate please.
its called a religieuse because it looks like a little nun.
taste rating: tasty
love life

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  1. Isn't the inside of the Colosseum amazing! Haha. Love that picture!