Monday, March 14, 2011

easy vs. parisienne

english is easy, french is parisienne*.
dinner at 5 is easy, dinner at 20,00 is parisienne.
AM/PM is easy, military time is parisienne.
driving a car is easy, taking the metro is parisienne.
talking to strangers is easy, silence is parisienne.
sidewalks are easy, cobblestones are parisienne.
eating fast food is easy, 5 course meals are parisienne.
giving money to a hobo is easy, ignoring them is parisienne.
buying chedder is easy, having thousands of options is parisienne.
getting dressed is easy, getting dressed up everyday is parisienne.

these days my life is pretty parisienne.
*parisienne is the feminine, french version of parisian. fyi

trying to explain where the louvre was to this wonderfully crazy russian woman. somehow pointing to the louvre that was right down the street wasn't cutting it.
four doors literally all in a row.
i think these boots are officially parisienne by now too.
snack time = pellegrino and a carrot.
a farmer john style carrot.
sometimes we just sit in the institute and attempt to do homework,
but we really just have fabulous conversation.
i love conversation.
james gave me the low down on the mission hierarchy.
even parisienne days where we just sit and talk are grand. we had lunch at an absolutely darling cafe with our art professor and that was an adventure in itself. family home evening was a treat, as always. and we just love the institute. that's all.

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  1. Finally a picture of Nannick - I have needed a visual of this woman who prepares such a wonderful part of your day. Dinner! I like all the pictures to show me just what you see and do. It is my virtual world tour of Paris - and it has been FREE.

    love you,