Tuesday, March 15, 2011

un repas chez nannick

for all of you wondering what dinners are like here in france:

un repas chez nannick
(a meal at nannick's)
la table familiale
great times at the good family table
toujours d'eau
(don't worry, nannick gets her wine fix for breakfast and lunch. and she drinks vin rose. never red)
first course: le potage
we always have soup, tonight it was soup au cresson
it was homemade tonight,
or soupe a la maison.
always a baguette on hand.
notice the soup is gone.
we are obligated to finish everything here. (and we always want to.)
the plat: gratin d'aubergine
aubergine = eggplants = delicious
nannick served it with rice, although she does not like rice. she always takes juste un petit peu 'for the principle'
in between courses photo-op
this is therese, she is irish and absolutely darling
she boards with nannick as well and is great company
plus she say things like "how are ye?" and "have a bonnie!" (a good night)
and of course nannick and i
we always sit in the same places. toujours.
course number three: salade and fromage and pain
nannick always surprises us with a new variety of cheese
this might be my favorite course
our selection of cheese tonight: chevre, roblochon, carre de l'est, beauforte, et compte.
gotta try them all!
and always always dessert
tonight: des beignets aux abricots!
aka doughnuts, with whipped cream. tasty, as always.
a big part of the night is when we "rangez des choses"
aka put everything away and do the dishes
although we use extra sketchy sponges/brushes,
so in the end who knows if anything is actually clean.
washing and drying
well, drying and washing
the dishwasher
our favorite part of the night:
cleaning out the drain post washing.
we miss you garbage disposal!
bon appetit!

p.s. happy birthday vincey-pie!


  1. just got caught up! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! keep livin the parisienne DREAM! xoxoox

  2. Madsy dear, we wonder if Therese from Ireland would know our missionary from Ireland named Sinead Connelly or Tami Davis who married Sinead's brother who is now a bishop in Dublin. Sinead married a member from Paris by the name of Poznawski? Let us know. And you are becoming une vraie parisienne. This is good. Hope to hear from you. Grandpa and Grandma Hart