Friday, March 11, 2011

the adventures of fanny

my favorite sister j gave me a fanny pack for christmas.
as far as fanny packs go, it is pretty upscale.
today i decided to take fanny out on a little adventure. we went to all kinds of great places, and even got 10, 455 steps in! though fanny packs do draw a bit of unwanted attention, it was absolutely worth it to wear this one around. plus it is hands-free, how convenient. don't worry, with emily's help i documented it all.

fanny in the garden,
fanny with the seine,
fanny at the poste,
fanny waiting for the train.
fanny playing at the park
fanny in the midst of a market
fanny with some antique lace
fanny in reverse
fanny takes a break on the train
fanny likes doors too
oh you know, just fanny in a creepy back alley way in st. ger
fanny with a castle, fanny at the park
fanny with a view
fanny matching the crosswalk!
fanny even made it to leader price.
quality adventures of one classy fanny pack.

emily and i had some adventures too.
these are probably my favorite parc equipments.
we ran into this precious parc on our way to another marche
in front of the market of antiques and ham.
(literally what it is called)
i love darling old toys!
emily found some quality comic books and vinyl records.
so neat.
i just like this picture. can you see me in all three mirrors?
my little antique treat
after the market we met up with drew to head to st. ger at the end of the line to do some exploring and get some lunch. there were so many great doors, and so many quaint little shops. it really is a picturesque town. and it happens to have a castle and the best view.
we stopped to dine at this whole in the wall little pizzaria, 'chez max'. he made some tasty looking pizzas right before our eyes. and he was wearing a pink v neck sweater.
thanks, max!
so delectable
glitter toms.
we decided to walk home from st. ger instead of taking the train. it was a fun little jaunt and we wandered down a big hill and saw some of the most amazing houses and gardens. we also saw an actual funeral procession, which was really interesting.
emily in a hoval (aka an oval halo)
translation: "mean dog"
cracked. me. up.
this is for you katie j!
one fat thighed, seine guarding river woman.
why yes i had a random run in with elder helvey today.
love running into people i know in france!
we finished up the day (after a quality cat nap) at the hancock's for a movie night.
jamie was glad to announce that she recieved her package and precious comfy crocs.
the movie was grand, dinner was delectable, and on our way home on the metro a crazy old woman told me to "NE BOUGEZ PAS DE TOUT" or "MOVE NOT AT ALL!" when i accidentally moved my foot into her space. sure sign that it has been yet another good day.