Sunday, March 27, 2011


i love paris in the springtime.
i can really say that now!
i had low expectations for today. i should never have doubted emily and my ability to have adventures. halfway home we realized we left something back in the city and headed back. we took a detour to the eiffel tower. loved going for a little springtime sunday stroll in the champ de mars. i can just stop at the eiffel tower on the way home from church. does life get much better?
emily and i sat on a bench and ate these really happy cookies.
do you like that 'i forgot it was daylight savings' hair?
spring is too good to be true
one last eiffel tower shot
after we made it home, nannick came into my room and asked me if i wanted to take pictures of her voting. (she knows me well) of course i agreed and em and i went to watch nannick vote. it was awesome. she took two pieces of papers with names, went into a little cardboard box booth, threw one away, stuck the other in an envelope and dropped it in the box. it was like voting for prom queen. love it.

nannick votes
the best part of the day had to be our cookie adventure.
my cute aunt mary also sent me cookie ingredients a while back. i have been saving them for a special day. today was that day. we finally put them to use. she sent everything we needed all packaged up and ready to go. once we figured out we needed the oven at 175 degrees C we were ready to throw these cookies together!
sometimes when your two speed beater from the early nineteen hundreds (exaggeration) doesn't work and sends all the sugar you needed outside of the bowl...
you have to resort to other measures.
some kitchen action shots
we finally got the beaters back in action.
crackin eggs
did we add enough chocolate chips?
the cookie dough is the best part
absolutely the best part
getting artistic
emily and i officially deemed ourselves the cookie factory.
you should hear our theme song.
these are the real deal.
they taste as good as they look.
we decided to ding-dong-ditch the mission home with some of the extras.
brilliant idea. we piled up a little cookie mountain and wrote a little note
it was probably one of the more successful ding dong ditches in my lifetime.
the mission home is SO cute.
em rang the doorbell and we ran! luckily there was a convinent fence for us to hide behind and watch sister staheli come out and yell 'thank you!' it was darling and we LOVED it. nothing like the adrenaline rush that comes with a good ding dong ditch.
it was a grand day.
and guess what? i am going to DISNEYLAND tomorrow. i can't wait!


  1. Disneyland is something that I haven't done before in France! I'm excited to see pics!

  2. We loved it when the students at BYU-Idaho came to our home when I was a student ward Bishop there for three years, wrote love messages on our sidewalk and driveway, put chocolate chip cookies on our front porch, rang the doorbell and then ditched! It was a real thrill for us. We left the chalk messages until the next rain and the mailman loved to read them and comment. So good for you doing this and making the missionaries feel loved. You are just the very best. And my mother always wondered why she didn't get as many cookies as the recipe indicated there would be...she didn't know that J.C. and I were eating the cookie dough behind her back. Lots of Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. I loved hearing the Cookie Factory theme song! Such a treat! Enjoy walking "Right down the middle of Mainstreet, Paris, France!" I love your Paris in Springtime pictures.

  4. ahhhh!! my heart is beating just seeing those pictures of the mission home driveway and front door... makes me homesick! :) i LOOOOOOOOVE paris in the springtime too. xoxoox

  5. So happy the cookies have been made and shared. You and Em are the cutest bakers. I loved all the pictures. My favorite was the Eiffel Tower with the cherry blossom framing it. Beautiful.