Sunday, March 20, 2011

cheese moon

today i am blogging from geneva, switzerland. why yes it is my third country in three days (the vatican IS its own country). i must apologize for the lack of pictures and excitement, but believe me, there have been PLENTY of pictures taken.

this trip, which still is not over, has been amazing. full of unknowns and unsurity and jumping on random trains that always ended up being the right trains, and it has been perfect. i have never been on such an adventure of a trip. we have had no plans, we just show up in different countries and things seem to fall into place. every moment has been proof to me that we three girls just must be living right.

life is crazy. life is full of surprises. life is wild. yesterday rome met wildlife and i howled at the moon while riding around on bikes in the middle of nowhere. today after eating some of the best cheese fondue in the middle of a radom lake in switzerland, i turned around and looked up at the biggest, orangest, cheesiest moon i have ever seen in my life.

wild life.
i love it.

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  1. Please tell me you took a picture of that moon! Ahwooooo!