Saturday, May 28, 2011


when i was living in france and writing blogposts for people's birthdays, my mom skyped me with a request. feeling sad that i wouldn't be in france for her birthday, she asked that i just pretend and take some pictures and write up a blog post as if i was in france on her special day.

so now you get to pretend that i am back in france.
it is may 28th.
my mom's birthday.
a perfect, spring-y day in paris. 
eiffel tower and all.
bon anniversaire mère!

isn't the eiffel looking good today?

 check that sweet tower shot.
 what, i managed to hit paris and monaco all in the same day?
your birthday must be a special day mom!
hey mom, je t'aime!

p.s. french people like to abreve. happy birthday.
and so do i. (although in english it isn't as great, hap bir?)

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