Monday, May 23, 2011


yesterday was emily's golden birthday
she turned 22 on may 22nd.
we had a fabulous party.

in honor of her big day, this post is all about her.
we were roommates in france.
everyday was an adventure.

here are some emily facts:
she is a food scientist.
she loves the color green.
she has the best freckles.
she is a brilliant cook.
she is a facilitator.
she loves pandora and listening to music.
she makes gorgeous cakes.
she could probably live off nutella.
she is super down to earth and easy going.
she goes along with my crazy ideas.
she is one of my dearest friends.

i love emily daw.
and now,
pictures of emily and i in france.

our first picture together.
 first day of school
 first walk. so cold.
 our less chubby days.
 notre dame.
 more walks in the cold
 serious shopping adventures
 facilitating my crazy fashion sense
 conjuring up nutella no bakes
 metro made valentines
 matching tats. and sweet nails.
 totally awesome rain protection.
i really love this picture.
 la defense,
surprisingly one of our favorite places.
 cemetery adventures.
 girls nights.
 sexy boots.
 antique adventures
 we love eating cookies by the eiffel
 disneyland was grand til em got sick.
the fact that she survived shows just how awesome she is.
 matchy match friendship bracelets
 pastries were also our best friends
our favorite thing. sunning in the parc
 one crazy five euro adventure.
 fancy last dinner
 nice beach.
i love emily!!!
happy birthday em.
so glad i got to celebrate with you.

p.s. remember a LONNGG time ago when i bought something crazy from a thrift store and said i would show it off eventually? i finally had a chance to wear it. to emily's shindig. it was fabulous.
check that out.

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