Sunday, January 23, 2011

the land of bread

the hotel provided breakfast. our options: baguette with nutella, cheese or honey. love
some sweet graffiti
church shoes and cobblestones

how gorgeous is this? archway into church
me being doofy at church
breakfast at the hotel etap
crazy crazy first class appetizer.
i tried the pretty much raw salmon. sick.

i got up at 7:30 this morning to get ready for church at 9:30
our metro line was closed for maintenance this morning, so we had to take a little detour on the bus and RER. we got there just in time. our church building is absolutely beautiful. it really is anything but a church building. the building is around this precious cobblestone courtyard and is three stories high and full of gorgeous, large windows. mmm. the architecture is just grand.

it was all in french. all of it. i loved it. i probably understood 75%. i absolutely love singing the hymns (les cantiques) in french. today after the rest hymn a woman in front of me turned around and said "tu chante tres bien!" (you sing very well) it made my day. so church really was grand.

other experiences: the hotel we stayed in last night was ghetto but i loved it nonetheless. it might have been the smallest hotel room i have ever stayed in. the shower was in the middle of the room and it had a glass door, meaning that the person not showering had to stay in the opposite corner of the room to avoid any awkwardness. my favorite part was definitely the complimentary breakfast. it literally was bread, bread, bread and bread. all kinds of bread. i chose a baguette with some nutella. i better get used to this bread thing.

today i get to move in with my host family, an old woman named Madame Pucheu. I cannot wait. she lives about 35 minutes out of the city in Le Visinet. Apparently her house is quite quaint and she loves gardening and is very active. also i'm told she has a very flirtacious grandson who loves to come over for dinner. watch out!

i am loving life. loving it. i cannot wait for the rest of the days adventures. au revoir!


  1. awesome!! le vesinet is the city where the mission home is! my parents home for 3 years! and where i would go and visit them...i love beautiful le vesinet... you'll be an RER and metro pro in 3 days! i'm so excited for you...

  2. Institute building! Brings back great memories!