Saturday, January 22, 2011

je. suis. la.

can you see the eiffel tower? look close!

guess what?
i have arrived in paris,
and am quite well.

after nine hours sitting next to a particularly nice french man, two treacherous walks from one terminal to another, being offered champagne at least four times, and having three near death experiences in the shuttle from the airport,

i have arrived.

i am here at the director's apartment and it is beautiful. you can see the eiffel tower from the window. no big deal. i am already in love with everything french. french children wearing mittens. french vehicles. french markets. french graffiti (its the same). the Louis Vuitton store window displays with stuffed zebras. this eclectic mixture of old and new.

what an adventure. i am really here!


  1. Mads, the director's apartment is beautiful. Is it close to the Champs Elysee? And your photo with the black hat...was it taken at the stake dance on N Y Eve?

  2. I want that window view and I want to see the little french children in mittens.
    k lets get real. I just want to be in France period.